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June 16th 2023

June 16th 2023

Great Racing! Come out Friday Night Through September



As of 1-13-2019
This is an Entry Level Class. Anyone can compete in this class but must follow the rules as written. These rules were
written by officials and are interpreted by the officials. These rules tell what you can and cannot do. If the rules don’t say
you can do something then you can’t. Before you do something not mentioned in these rules call and ask the head tech
official first and he will tell you yes or no. Changes, additions, and edits since the last edition (2018), are annotated in
bold red and underlined.
COMMUNICATIONS: All competitors must have a RACECEIVER.
1) Factory production complete full American passenger frames only.
2) Frame rails must extend to a point beyond the base of driver’s seat.
3) Rear clip may be fabricated out of tubing.
4) Front and rear pick-up loop required; otherwise bumpers or other pick-up point will be used.
5) Minimum right front frame height is 4 inches and will be measured at the right frame rail where it turns toward the
rear at the outer frame rail.
6) Frames cannot be altered.
1) See IMCA NORTHERN SPORT MODS or USRA B-MOD body rules for all body rules and rear sail panel rules.
2) No rear filler panels.
3) MD3 nose not allowed
4) Window opening must be a min. of at least 12 inches on all 4 corners.
5) Body may extend 1? past the outside edge tire on both sides.
6) 5” spoiler max. from the deck with 3 braces max.
7) Max. deck height 39 inches
8) No reverse hood rake.
9) Wheel openings cannot be smaller than the outside diameter of the tire. Example: (a 29-inch-tall tire will require a
minimum 30-inch wheel opening).
10) All other body rules apply.
1) 108 inches. Minimum, 112 inches maximum both sides.
1) Must consist of continuous hoops not less than one and one-half inches outside diameter and must have a wall
thickness of at least .095 inch.
2) Must be frame mounted in at least six (6) places.
3) Body mounted roll cages not acceptable.
4) Must consist of configuration of front and rear hoops connected by tubing on sides or side hoops in a manner deemed
acceptable by the inspector.
5) Driver’s head must not protrude above cage with helmet on while strapped in driver’s seat.
6) Must have at least three (3) horizontal bars at driver’s door welded to front and rear of roll cage members.
7) Driver’s door must be plated.
1) Minimum weight is 2500 pounds with driver after race, No tolerance.
2) All lead weight must be mounted securely, with 2 weight clamps & 1/2-inch bolts.
3) Lead must be painted white & have your car number on the lead.
4) Lead can only be mounted to the chassis.
5) No weight can be mounted to any suspension part or to the rear end.
1) American Racer G-60-15 KK704 or Hoosier G-60 –15 IMCA stamped is the only tires used.
2) Grooving, sipping and grinding allowed.
3) No doping or softening of tires.
4) No Aluminum wheels.
5) NO extra weight of any kind can be added inside or outside the wheels. Example (lead added or glued inside of the
6) Wheel width must not exceed eight (8) inches.
7) Any foam or plastic type mud cover mounted on right side wheels.
8) Inner mud plug on L.R. only.
9) Bead locks allowed on right front and right rear only.
10) Tire must durometer 55, no tolerance.
11) Widest part of the car can be 78 inches. This includes outside to outside of front tires
1) Disc or drum brakes may be used front and rear.
2) No aluminum disc or brake calipers allowed.
3) Brakes must be operational on all four (4) wheels and must lock up all four wheels during inspection.
4) Front to rear Bias only, no left to right bias.
5) Calipers must be the same left and right.
6) Brake pads cannot be altered.
7) No heavy or solid brake rotors allowed.
8) No right front brake shut offs.
1) Bumpers must be used front and rear.
2) Front bumper must be mounted on frame end and be of a semicircle configuration with the bottom loop parallel to
the ground.
3) Front bumper must be ten (10) inches high from bottom bar to top of top bar.
4) Material must be one and one-quarter inch minimum, two-inch maximum O.D. steel pipe.
5) Rear bumpers may be constructed of pipe, square tubing, but must not have sharp edges.
6) Rear bumpers and nerf bars must not extend beyond width of rear tire.
7) Bumpers must be able to support car when lifted by wrecker.
1) Racing seat mandatory.
2) All cars must be equipped with an approved quick release type seat belt and shoulder harness securely fastened to
frame and roll cage.
3) Seat belt material should be at least two (2) inches wide AND CANNOT BE OLDER THAN 3 YEARS and must be a 4, 5 or
6 point belt system.
4) Sub belts are required.
5) Seat and steering wheel may be located to suit driver’s taste, but must be kept on left side of car.
6) No center steer.
7) Seat belts cannot be mounted to the tube that goes to the rear section of the car, they must be mounted to the bar
the crosses left to right behind the seat.
1) Rear of engine (bellhousing flange) must be at least 72 inches forward from the centerline of the rear axle.
2) The center of the crankshaft must be within two and one-half (2 1/2) inches of centerline of the ball joints.
11) Engine:
1) All engines parts must be Ford to Ford, Chrysler to Chrysler, GM to GM (no mix or match).
2) MAXIMUM Size of engine block: 350 gm .060 max. 351 Windsor ford .060 max. 360 chry. .060 max.
3) Smaller engine allowed.
4) No stroker engines allowed!!!!!!!!!
5) OEM firing orders cannot be changed.
6) No B Hive or high-performance valve springs allowed.
7) 9 to 1 compression max.
8) The 602 crate engine block and crankshaft can be used.
9) NO 400 blocks or parts will be allowed.
12) Heads:
1) 76 c.c. min., stock
2) No performance heads.
3) No double humps.
4) No 292, 041 castings.
5) No LT1
6) No bowtie.
7) No center bolt valve cover.
8) No vortec or aftermarket allowed.
9) No porting or polishing.
10) 3/8-ths shouldered screw in studs allowed.
11) Guide plates allowed.
12) GM maximum value size 1.94 intake and 1.60 exhaust value maximum.
13) NO 202/160 allowed.
14) 305 heads on 305 only.
15) Ford maximum valve size: 1.84 intake and 1.60 exhaust.
16) No angle milling of cylinder heads.
17) No GT 40 or GT 40p head castings.
18) No aluminum heads.
19) No high performance and no boss heads.
20) No titanium parts of any kind.
21) GM approved castings: 14079267, 3986336, 3986339, 3986339x, 3986388, 3932441, 376445, 3928454, 3932454,
393493, 3876487, 3973487, 3973487x, 3973493, 3951598, 468642, 330862, 333882, 3998920, 3998991, 3998993,
3998997, and 3970126.
13) Camshaft:
1) Hydraulic camshafts only. No pump-up lifters. Must run 0 value lash and rocker nuts must back off ¾ turn before 0
value lash.
2) GM-455 maximum lift at valve, stock 1.5 ratio rockers only no tolerance.
3) Springs… 1.260 OD max, open pressure 275-lbs @ 1.250.
4) No roller cams.
14) Crankshaft & Rods:
1) Stock OEM crankshafts.
2) Aftermarket Crankshaft may have holes in the front and rear rod throws only.
3) The two center rod throws must be solid, there can be no holes in the two center rod throws.
4) No light weight crankshafts.
5) Rear flange on the crank must look like an OEM crankshaft.
6) No h-beam rods or lightened rods of any kind are allowed.
7) Stroke must match block. 3.48 for GM, 3.50 for Ford, 3.31 or 3.58 for Chrysler.
8) Minimum weight on crankshaft is 50 pounds.
15) Pistons:
1) Any flat top, 4 value, 2 value, unibrow, or dish piston allowed.
2) NOT allowed: domed pistons of any kind, lightweight pistons, or gas ported pistons.
3) Press fit rods only. No floating rods, 5.7 rod on G.M. max. Must be compliant by 2020.

Pure Stocks------Can Run any steel stock mounted shock that is non-adjustable... and non-rebuildable. Must be out of the box shock.

Pure Stocks------Can Run any steel stock mounted shock that is non-adjustable... and non-rebuildable. Must be out of the box shock.

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