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June 16th 2023

June 16th 2023

Great Racing! Come out Friday Night Through September

Morton, Anderson, and Makar Capture Pole Positions for Saturday’s Joe Berry Clash Main Events at Lakeside Speedway!


Lakeside Speedway

Morton, Anderson, and Makar Capture Pole Positions for Saturday’s Joe Berry Clash Main Events at Lakeside Speedway!

Morton, Anderson, and Makar Capture Pole Positions for Saturday’s Joe Berry Clash Main Events at Lakeside Speedway!

For Immediate Release
By Sam Stoecklin
September 18, 2020

(Kansas City, Kansas) The first half of the two-day Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods kicked off Friday night with ‘Racing on the River’s Edge’ at Lakeside Speedway. Competing throughout the night were91 drivers and teams, which included 33 B-Mods, 15 A-Mods, 20 Stock Cars, 16 E-Mods, and 7Grand Nationals.

B-Mods, Stock Cars, and E-Mods competed in their night one portion of the weekend as they had extra purse money on the line through the Friday night scrambles, to set the first six rows in each of these divisions’ A-Mains on Saturday.

J.C. Morton of Springfield, Missouri won the Friday night B-mod scramble event to earn the pole for tonight’s $3,000-to-win finale. Joining Morton locked into the finale are Patrick Royalty, Ethan Isaacs, Josh Everhart, Steve Clancy, Andy Bryant, Nick Newton, Austin Charles, Cole Campbell, Jessie Mulich, Don Marrs, and J.C. Newell. These drivers finished one through twelve in the night one scramble to secure the first six rows. Heat race wins went to Patrick Royalty, Luke Nieman, Morton, and Jessie Mulich. Ethan Isaacs and Cole Campbell collected B-Main wins.

In Stock Car action, ‘Coach’ Kevin Anderson took the win to secure pole position for Saturday’s $1,500-to-win main event. Joining Anderson in the first six locked in rows are Jaylen Wettengel, Gary Donaldson, Brett Heeter, Kacy Shields, Eddie Ingram, Tim Shields, Tracy Schaefer, Daniel King, Hank Thompson, David Oxford, and Steve Herrick. In heat race events, Tim Shields, Jaylen Wettengel, and Anderson picked up the victories.

For the E-Mods, it was Steven Makar who captured the scramble victory and pole position for tonight’s $1,000-to-win finale. Joining Makar locked into the first six rows will be Trevor Hand, Brayden Bennett, Shaunie Lanning, Brian Andrews, Tim Billings, Kevin White, Bud Wallis, Dakota Earls, Javier Fierro, Dakota Jennings, sand Alek Breckenridge. Heat race winners were Brayden Bennett and Makar.

A-Mods took part in last night’s action with Randal Schiffelbein, Jr. and Darron Fuqua collecting heat race victories. For the main event. Clint Johnson of Neosho, Missouri, made his A-Mod debut in the Kansas City area a success as he took pole honors alongside Schiffelbein on the front row to start the race. Johnson quickly grabbed the lead and led through a pair of yellow-flag incidents prior to lap 10. Fuqua pressured for the lead in the first half of the race, but Johnson held strong. Lewis Jackson came forward to battle inside the top four past the midway point. At lap 12, Fuqua moved to the lead but on the next lap, Johnson fought back to recapture the top spot. From here on Fuqua again pressured the leader but Johnson fought off all challenges and went on to capture his first-ever Lakeside Speedway A-Mod victory. At the finish, Fuqua, Schiffelbein, Jackson, and Brian Johnson rounded out the top five.

Grand Nationals also competed throughout the night with Don Marrs taking the heat race victory ahead of Jason Park, and Steven Dibben. For the 10-lap main event, Park shot out to an early race lead and pulled away for a dominating win at the finish over Dibben, Darren Kling, Donnie Brown, and Marshall Jewett.

For Saturday, September 19th, any and all drivers not qualifying their way in on night one or any newcomers have a shot at making the grid for the B-Mod, Stock Car, and E-Mod main events for A-Main starting grid positions 13 through 24. If the driver paid a “two-night entry” on Friday, they have no entry fee or pit pass fee for Saturday. If a driver paid a single-night entry on Friday only, they have a $40 pit pass on Saturday (no entry fee as it was paid on Friday).

For any newcomers to these classes on Saturday, entry fee and pit pass expenses are as follows:
B-Mod - $100 - includes event entry fee and pit pass.
Stock Car - $70 - includes event entry fee and pit pass.
E-Mod - $70 - includes event entry fee and pit pass.
Pure Stocks - $0 if driver is a Lakeside Speedway registered Pure Stock driver in 2020, $25 for drivers not meeting these criteria.

The night two scrambles DO NOT HAVE A PAYOUT! Planned order of events are subject to change as needed at officials’ discretion based on needed program flow and overall car counts per class. Locked in cars from night one in B-Mod, Stock Car, and E-Mod car classes will have a hot lap session to help tune their cars for the A-Main events.

Up next on Saturday, September 19th – The Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods weekend continues with B-Mods, E-Mods, Stock Cars, and Pure Stocks, who will compete in the make-up Karl Tinsley Memorial. All competing classes have increased purse money on the line on Saturday. Pit Gates Open at 5 p.m., Spectator Gates at 6, Drivers Meeting 7 p.m., Hot Laps 7:15 p.m., with Racing to follow hot laps.

Saturday Timelines: Pit Gate Opens at 5, Spectator Gate Opens at 6, Driver’s Meeting at 7, Hot Laps at 7:15, with Racing at 8. The weekend of special events concludes with $3,000-to-win B-Mods, $1,500-to-win Stock Cars, and $1,000-to-win E-Mods. Pure Stocks also join in on the action for their makeup Karl Tinsley Memorial with an increased payout and $750-to-win, $100-to-start event.

Pure Stock drivers will compete under the MO-KAN Pure Stock rules, which are conveniently located on the speedway website at, from there, click on the RULES/FORMS link at the top of the page and scroll down to select “2020 Mo-Kan Pure Stock Rules.”

Saturday Admission Details: Click here to order tickets online. General Admission: Adults (16+) $20, Military and Seniors (62+) $15, Juniors (12-15) $5, Under 12 free. Suites: Adults ($13+) $25, Kids (2-12) $10, Under 2 free. Terrace: Adults (16+) $20, Military/Seniors (62+) $15, Juniors (12-15) $5, Under 12 free. Pit Passes: 7 and Older $40, Under 7 $15.

Full payouts for weekend events may be found at, click on the Rules/Forms link and then click on the documents titled Lakeside Speedway Special Payouts 2020-2 and Lakeside Speedway Special Payouts 2020-1.

For additional driver information, forms, and rules, visit Complete results, schedule information, track details, car class rules, and news are available on the track’s website at Contact the track at (913) 299-9206. The track location is 5615 Wolcott Dr., Kansas City, Kansas, one mile west of I-435 (exit 18) on SR 5 (northwest of Kansas City. Follow on Facebook at or Email the track at

2020 Lakeside
Saturday - Sept 19th - Race #18 - Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods Night #2 - B-Mods, E-Mods, Stock Cars, and Pure Stocks
Friday, October 2nd - SLMR Malvern Bank Late Models, USAC Midwest Wingless Sprints, and KAR (Kansas Antique Racers), plus Mod-Lites
Friday, October 16th - Race #19 - FVP Platinum Battery Showdown featuring the World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series
Friday, October 30th - 5th Annual Grant Junghans Memorial with USMTS Modifieds and USRA B-Mods

Main Results, 9-18-20. Full results under the Lakeside Speedway MyRacePass Profile.

A-Mod - Feature
A Feature 1 20 Laps

  1. 37-Clint Johnson[1]; 2. 87-Darron Fuqua[3]; 3. 11JR-Randal Schiffelbein Jr[2]; 4. 3J-Lewis Jackson[6]; 5. 97K-Brian Johnson[7]; 6. 60-Cody Kretchmar[11]; 7. 311-John Baker[12]; 8. 74-Rodney Schweizer[8]; 9. 42-Sam Florence[9]; 10. 15-Jason Parks[13]; 11. C4-Curtis Dreasher[10]; 12. 5-Kevin McGinnis[14]; 13. (DNF) 7J-Justin Johnson[5]; 14. (DNF) 89-Tyler Hibner[4]; 15. (DNS) 29-Daniel Scragham.

Scramble Night 1 20 Laps

  1. 18-JC Morton[2]; 2. 49-Patrick Royalty[1]; 3. 66-Ethan Isaacs[13]; 4. 21J-Josh Everhart[7]; 5. 12C-Steve Clancy[9]; 6. 28-Andy Bryant[10]; 7. 3X3-Nick Newton[12]; 8. 81-Austin Charles[15]; 9. 22C-Cole Campbell[14]; 10. 90-Jessie Mulich[3]; 11. 9-Don Marrs[5]; 12. 83-JC Newell[16]; 13. 47-Tyson Lanfermann[19]; 14. 28K-Krew Walburn[11]; 15. 46-Brantlee Gotschall[20]; 16. 22L-Matt Lent[4]; 17. (DNF) 181-Luke Nieman[6]; 18. (DNF) 0-Chase Galvan[17]; 19. (DNF) 57-Tim Powell[8]; 20. (DNF) 1K-Kyle Henning[18].

Stock Car
Scramble Night 1 15 Laps

  1. 417-Kevin Anderson[2]; 2. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[1]; 3. 28D-Gary Donaldson[3]; 4. 05-Brett Heeter[11]; 5. 42C-Kacey Shields[5]; 6. 54-Eddie Ingram[7]; 7. 42T-Tim Shields[4]; 8. X1-Tracy Schaefer[12]; 9. 24K-Daniel King[13]; 10. 6-Hank Thompson[16]; 11. 27-David Oxford[10]; 12. 5K-Steve Herrick[9]; 13. 47-Paul Carter[14]; 14. 41K-Vernon Kever[20]; 15. (DNF) 03-Lance Dixon[15]; 16. (DNF) 27T-Dominic Thyfault[6]; 17. (DNF) 46-David Holcomb[8]; 18. (DNF) 105-Clint Hedge[17]; 19. (DNS) 824-Chris Barnard; 20. (DNS) 10W-Mike Wahwahsuck.

Night 1 Scramble 15 Laps

  1. 4M-Steven Makar[3]; 2. 236-Trevor Hand[1]; 3. 14B-Brayden Bennett[2]; 4. 09-Shaunie Lanning[5]; 5. 36-Brian Andrews[4]; 6. 25-Tim Billings[9]; 7. 74-Kevin White[13]; 8. 74W-Bud Wallis[8]; 9. 15E-Dakota Earls[10]; 10. 79J-Javier Fierro[14]; 11. 30-Dakota Jennings[6]; 12. 26A-Alek Breckenridge[15]; 13. Y16-Jimmy Winkler[16]; 14. (DNF) 0B-Blake Bland[7]; 15. (DNF) 13V-Logan Vogel[12]; 16. (DNF) 03-Justin Bell[11].

Grand Nationals
A Feature 1 10 Laps

  1. 15M-Jason Park[2]; 2. 69R-Steven Dibben[3]; 3. 30-Darren Kling[5]; 4. 36-Donnie Brown[4]; 5. 6-Marshall Jewett[6]; 6. (DNF) 14-Larry Ferris[7]; 7. (DNF) 3E-Don Marrs[1].
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