I-35 and Lakeside Speedways have posted the 2015 Grand National rules.   There are a few changes to the rules, all engine options can be rebuilt and/or tore down for inspection.   This includes the crate motors.   Additionally a new engine option, the 360 spec motor, has been added to the class for those drivers who desire to race with a four barrel carburetor.  Finally, weight has been added to the crate motor cars and reduced on racecars using the 360 spec motor or the Standard 2 barrel option.  Please visit www.lakesidespeedway.net or www.i-35speedway.net to view or print your copy of the 2015 Grand National rules.




The tech staff at both tracks anxiously await the publishing of the 2015 USRA rules.  The A Mods, B Mods, and Stock Cars at both tracks will continue to be USRA.

Work is continuing with a goal to publish by the end of the month the E Mod and Hobby Stock rules for I-35 Speedway.  The Hobby Stocks will not be sanctioned in 2015.