Joe Berry Clash big bucks to Shepard at Lakeside Speedway

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July 15, 2016  |  by Larry Lowery Jr.

Yancy Shepard won the USRA B-Mod feature.
Yancy Shepard won the USRA B-Mod feature.

Lakeside Speedway hosted the Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods Friday night and it provided all the excitement that fans could want and more. A perfectly groomed race track and a beautiful night gave the racers the perfect setting to provide the perfect race.

Yancy Shepard and Steven Clancy would bring the field to the green flag to start off this $1,500-to-win USRA B-Mod special.

Chad Lyle, a former multi-time champion at Lakeside Speedway in the Modified division, pulled out to the early lead in the feature. Lyle, hugging the bottom of the track to perfection, kept him in front of the mob of racers behind him. As this being a special, five extra laps were added on making it a 20-lap feature.

Shepard would stay in the second spot for a majority of the feature as he chased down Lyle. Behind Shepard there was a lot of action going on all over the speedway. The smooth, dry slick racetrack provided three grooves around the speedway that were being utilized by all the drivers.

Coming to lap 15, Shepard was in a position to make his move on the leader.

On a normal feature it would have been a photo finish if that’s where the race ended, but tonight there were five more laps, and in the final five laps Shepard shined the brightest.

Shepard would take the lead from Lyle and go on to win the $1,500 top prize for the Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods. It was Shepard's first win of the year at Lakeside Speedway and his first time back behind the wheel after a long hiatus.

Brad Smith, the winner of the last two features at Lakeside, caught up to Lyle on the white flag lap and beat him to the line for the runner-up spot. Third went to Lyle, J.C. Morton finished in the fourth spot and Colton Stevens had a strong effort finishing in fifth on the night.

A total of 37 USRA B-Mods checked in to try and cash in on the extra money being offered.

Some new faces showed up to battle in the USRA Modified main event Friday night. Tyler Wolff from Fayetville, Ark., jumped out to the early lead in the main event. Mark Schafman, a two-time feature winner in 2016, kept pace with Wolff at the front with Jesse Dennis from Corning, Iowa, also in the mix at the front of the pack.

On lap six, the three drivers went three-wide on the track, but it was Wolff and Schafman heading to the front. Schafman used the high side to build up enough momentum to run past Wolff. Schafman would become the new leader.

From there it was familiar territory for Schafman as he worked the speedway to his liking and opened up a good-sized lead. As he worked his way through lapped traffic he found the checkered flag and win number three on the season.

Wolff held on after a tough battle with Kerry Davis for the second spot. Fourth went to Dennis and Aaron Marrant rounded out the top five.

Mark Schafman won the USRA Modified feature.

The ‘H’ Train is on a roll in the USRA Stock Car division. Brett Heeter started inside of row four in the feature and by lap three he found himself at the top spot.

Seven wins on the season and there is no sign of letting up for Heeter. At the front of the pack the only time the field challenged Heeter was under the yellow flag laps. As soon as the green dropped, Heeter jumped back out into the lead.

As the checkered flag dropped on the field it was Heeter picking up win number eight on the season. Lucas Conley finished in the runner-up spot, third went to Trevor Hunt, fourth was Chad Walker and fifth went to Kevin Anderson.

Brett Heeter won the USRA Stock Car feature.

Jason Ryun rebounded from his troubles last week in the Factory Stock feature. The win wouldn’t come as easy as Ryun battled with last week’s winner, Jay Barnes, and Marshall Jewett for a majority of the feature before getting out to the win.

Ryun, with the win, continues to cement his lead in the points standings. Barnes finished third followed closely by Jewett, J.R. Billings and Leroy Morrison.

Jason Ryun won the Factory Stock feature.

In the Grand National division, Tim Shields is starting to look like the driver he was a year ago. In the past three races he has returned to dominating the division, and in the past month he has now taken over the points lead from Nick Newton as the season heads into the final stretch.

Shields made his move last night at the halfway point. Battling with Marshall Jewett, he pulled along side heading into turn three and by the exit of turn four he was the new leader.

In front of the pack Shields put a spread on the field and took another win on the season. Don Marrs took home the runner-up spot, Jewett finished in the third spot, fourth went to Newton and fifth was Donnie Brown.

Tim Shields won the Grand National feature.

The racing action continues next Friday night, July 22, at Lakeside Speedway for Tompkins Industries Night. For more information on Lakeside Speedway log on to

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Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, Kan.
Friday, July 15, 2016

1. (6) 27C Jason Ryun, Kansas City, Mo.
2. (1) 99J Jay Barnes, Kearney, Mo.
3. (5) 7 Marshall Jewett, Gardner
4. (3) 185 J.R. Billings, Kansas City
5. (4) 50JR Leroy Morrison, Raymore, Mo.
6. (2) 27 Aidan Lueth, Kansas City, Mo.
DNS - 3 Don Johnson, Overland Park

1. (6) 42T Tim Shields, Kansas City, Mo.
2. (4) 9 Don Marrs, Shawnee
3. (1) 3E Marshall Jewett, Gardner
4. (3) 711 Nick Newton, Kansas City
5. (7) 26 Donnie Brown, Lancaster
6. (5) 15 Nick Drew, Kansas City
7. (2) 30 Darren Kling, Basehor

1. (1) 22Y Yancy Shepard, Smithville, Mo.
2. (6) 99 Brad Smith, Belton, Mo.
3. (3) 07 Chad Lyle, Oak Grove, Mo.
4. (5) 18 J.C. Morton, Springfield, Mo.
5. (4) 222 Colten Stevens, Basehor
6. (12) 65 Kris Jackson, Lebanon, Mo.
7. (15) 66 Ethan Isaacs, Bonner Springs
8. (2) 12C Steve Clancy, Odessa, Mo.
9. (8) 17T Shadren Turner, St. Joseph, Mo.
10. (14) 28 Andy Bryant, Fort Scott
11. (9) 181 Luke Nieman, Nortonville
12. (11) 7 Doug Keller, Easton, Mo.
13. (10) 17J Jake Richards, Edwardsville
14. (13) 44H Trevor Hunt, Kearney, Mo.
15. (17) 96 Cody Brill, Harrisonville, Mo.
16. (21) 5 Terry Bivins, Lebo
17. (18) 49 Patrick Royalty, Kansas City
18. (23) 09SR Joshua Stephens, Buckner, Mo.
19. (19) 21V Vic Tranckino, Basehor
20. (22) 9 Don Marrs, Shawnee
21. (7) 111 Chase Austin, Eudora
22. (16) 09JR Spencer Stephens, Buckner, Mo.
23. (20) 42 Gene Claxton, Kansas City, Mo.
DNS - 21C Chad Clancy, Polo, Mo.

1. (7) 05 Brett Heeter, Kansas City
2. (4) 17C Lucas Conley, Spring Hill
3. (8) 33H Trevor Hunt, Kearney, Mo.
4. (2) 04 Chad Walker, Kansas City
5. (3) 417 Kevin Anderson, Kansas City, Mo.
6. (1) 5K Steve Herrick, Topeka
7. (6) 28D Gary Donaldson
8. (9) 20X John Boller Jr., St. Joseph, Mo.
9. (14) 14X Craig Reynolds, St. Joseph, Mo.
10. (10) 17 Kevin McGinnis, Kansas City
11. (5) 12 Scotty Moore, Kansas City
12. (12) 26 Russ Moyer, Wellsville
13. (15) 31Z Nick Zinn, Kansas City
14. (13) W04 Chuck Warman, Atchison
15. (16) 46 David Holcomb, Kansas City
16. (18) 34 Rick Sparks, Kansas City
17. (11) 1 Christopher Smith, Kansas City, Mo.
18. (17) 99J Jeremiah Ray, Overland Park

1. (2) 34 Mark Schafman, Edwardsville
2. (1) 4W Tyler Wolff, Fayetteville, Ark.
3. (7) 68 Kerry Davis, Parkville, Mo.
4. (3) 70D Jesse Dennis, Corning, Iowa
5. (5) 70 Aaron Marrant, Orrick, Mo.
6. (6) 1K Tim Karrick, Basehor
7. (8) 87 Darron Fuqua, Mayetta
8. (9) 33 Chad Lyle, Oak Grove, Mo.
9. (4) 91 Joe Duvall, Claremore, Okla.
10. (11) 66T Tyler Schmidt, Easton
11. (12) 3 Bubba Harvey Jr., Kansas City
12. (13) 13H Eric Hanna, Maryville, Mo.
13. (14) 99 Dylan Hoover, Vandalia, Mo.
14. (16) 29S Jeff Smith, Kansas City, Mo.
15. (15) 32P Nick Pence, Raymore, Mo.
16. (10) 21T Lance Town, Wellsville
DNS - 5 Kevin McGinnis, Edwardsville