Marrant, Heeter, Smith, Marrs, Barnes garner wins at Lakeside Speedway

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July 8, 2016  |  by Larry Lowery Jr.

Aaron Marrant came in Friday night looking for a win in the USRA Modified feature on Christy's Tasty Queen Night at the Lakeside Speedway. This season has been hit and miss for the Orrick, Mo., native. Friday night he was feeling good with his outside front row starting spot for the feature.

As the green flag dropped Marrant would have a little wiggle in the middle of turns 1 and 2, but he would come out with the lead. In front of the pack he took off like a rocket.

Behind Marrant, Jared Stiens, Lance Town and Tyler Schmidt were slicing and dicing with each other as they looked to keep pace with Marrant.

Marrant was ready to flex his muscle on this night. The track was to his liking. He would run along the high side all night long and lap after lap he built a sizeable lead.

A few yellow flags would hinder the progress of Marrant, but he would answer the bell each and every time.

One yellow flag restart would see Schmidt put pressure on Marrant. Again, Marrant would fend off the challenge. Marrant would go on to take the win.

It was a good battle back behind Marrant. Schmidt put on a strong run for the second spot on the speedway, Darron Fuqua would win the battle with Shad Badder for the third spot, Badder would finish fourth and rounding out the top five was Jared Stiens.

Aaron Marrant won the USRA Modified feature.

Something had to give on Friday night in the USRA B-Mod division.

A very strong field of cars showed up to race and the fans got everything out of this race and more.

Shad Turner took to the early lead in this one, but Doug Keller, J.C. Morton, Chad Clancy, Brad Smith and a host of other hot shoes was on his tale.

A yellow flag would come out early as Morton, one of the favorites, made contact with Smith. Morton would get into the back stretch wall, taking him out of the hunt.

Turner also suffered problems at this time and he would give up the top spot on the speedway handing it to Smith, who won the feature the previous week.

On the restart Smith took off to the lead once again.

Point leader, Chad Clancy, kept pace but Smith’s run was strong. Smith added to his lead lap after lap.

A late race yellow would set up another dash to the finish. Smith would put his stamp on his second straight USRA B-Mod feature win at Lakeside Speedway.

Chad Clancy would finish in the runner-up spot, it was a strong run in third for Keller, Luke Nieman held on for the fourth-place finish and Andy Bryant, who started in 19th, drove to an exciting fifth-place finish.

Brad Smith won the USRA B-Mod feature.

Seven is a lucky number for most. Brett Heeter sees lucky number 7 in a different way.

In the USRA Stock Car Feature Justin Seifert blasted out to the early lead. It wasn’t long before there was a great side by side battle with Heeter for the top spot.

Seifert threw everything he had at keeping pace with the defending champion of the division, Heeter. Unfortunately, Heeter was in another zone on Friday night.

Heeter would wrestle the lead away from Seifert and then expand it as the race went on. Yellow flags were the only thing that could slow Heeter down.

Great racing action ensued behind Heeter as the field displayed three- and four-wide racing all over the speedway.

In the end it was win number seven for Heeter, as he continues his march to another championship.

Seifert would stay in the runner-up spot for the entirety of the race, Lucas Conley won the battle for third, fourth went to Kevin Anders and Chad Walker celebrated a strong fifth place finish.

Brett Heeter won the USRA Stock Car feature.

Jason Ryun, the current points leader in the Factory Stock class, got hooked up with Marshall Jewett at the beginning of the feature on Friday night. The damage to Ryun’s car was enough to knock him out of the race as well Jewett.

This meant a new face might visit victory lane on Friday night.

Jay Barnes was that new face.

Barnes took the lead on the restart and drove to the victory. It would be his 1st win of the season and he becomes the fourth different feature winner on the season.

J.R. Billings finished in the second spot, Carson Masoner brought in a third place finish, fourth would go to LeRoy Morrison and fifth would be credited to Jewett.

Jay Barnes won the Factory Stock feature.

Domination in the Grand National class has been evident in the past.

This season it seems like each week it’s Nick Newton or Tim Shields finding their way to victory lane, this week Lakeside Speedway fans saw another dominating performance.

Lakeside Speedway owner, Don Marrs, jumped to the lead in the Grand National Feature on Friday night. At the top spot Marrs would put a stranglehold on the position.

Marshall Jewett would be the driver closest to battle Marrs, but it wouldn’t happen on this night as Marrs would lead the feature flag to flag.

Jewett would finish in the runner-up spot, third would go to Tim Shields, fourth was the point leader, Nick Newton and rounding out the top five was Donnie Brown.

Don Marrs won the Grand National feature.

In the Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers feature, Dale Reese picked up the win over Jack Simmons, Steve Bailey, Tom Wade and Chris Heitman.

Dale Reese won the Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers feature.

Next Friday, July 15, is the Joe Berry Clash of the B-Mods featuring a $1,500-to-win and $110-to-start special for the USRA B-Mod. It is also Kling Auto & Diesel Repair/Luke Nieman Fencing Night. Special awards will be given out to USRA B-mod drivers by Kling Auto & Diesel Repair, Luke Nieman Fencing and Joslin Jewelry.

USRA Modifieds, USRA Stock Cars, Grand Nationals and Factory Stocks will also be competing. Pits open at 4:30, spectator gates open at 5, hot laps start at 7 and racing begins at 7:30.

General admission seating is $12 for adults, $6 for kids ages 7-12 and children ages 6 and under get in for free. Military personnel, students and seniors over 62 get in for $10 with proper ID. Terrace admission is $15 for adults, $8 for kids ages 7-12 and children ages 6 and under get in for free. Military personnel, students and seniors over 62 get in for $12 with proper ID (must have terrace voucher to purchase terrace ticket). Suites are $20 for adults or $10 for kids ages 12 and under. Pit passes are $30 for ages 7 and older or $10 for 6 and under.

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Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, Kan.
Friday, July 8, 2016

1. (2) 77R Dale Reese
2. (9) J2 Jack Simmons
3. (6) 99 Steve Bailey
4. (8) 1 Tom Wade
5. (3) 39 Chris Heitman
6. (1) 53 Andy Wiles
7. (7) 3 Andrew Buffington
8. (5) 46 Dave Petty
9. (4) 20 James Hubbard
DNS - 7 Dennis Fair

1. (4) 99J Jay Barnes, Kearney, Mo.
2. (2) 185 J.R. Billings, Kansas City
3. (3) 20X Carson Masoner, St. Joseph, Mo
4. (1) 50JR Leroy Morrison, Raymore, Mo.
5. (6) 7 Marshall Jewett, Gardner
6. (5) 27C Jason Ryun, Kansas City, Mo

1. (1) 9 Don Marrs, Shawnee
2. (2) 3E Marshall Jewett, Gardner
3. (5) 42T Tim Shields, Kansas City, Mo.
4. (3) 711 Nick Newton, Kansas City
5. (4) 26 Donnie Brown, Lancaster
6. (6) 15 Nick Drew, Kansas City
DNS - 4R Raven Justice, Kansas City

1. (5) 99 Brad Smith, Belton, Mo.
2. (6) 21C Chad Clancy, Polo, Mo.
3. (2) 7 Doug Keller, Easton, Mo.
4. (18) 28 Andy Bryant, Fort Scott
5. (3) 181 Luke Nieman, Nortonville
6. (11) 12C Steve Clancy, Odessa, Mo.
7. (8) 17J Jake Richards, Edwardsville
8. (9) 5 Terry Bivins, Lebo
9. (19) 91 Eddie Schwope Jr., St. Joseph, Mo.
10. (4) 18 J.C. Morton, Springfield, Mo.
11. (13) 3X3 Nick Newton, Kansas City
12. (14) 117 Tim Galvan, Edwardsville
13. (7) 222 Colten Stevens, Basehor
14. (10) 17 Dean Galvan, Bonner Springs
15. (22) 0 Chase Galvan, Bonner Springs
16. (23) 97J Jeff Elder, Smithville, Mo.
17. (16) 22M Steve McDowell, Independence, Mo.
18. (20) 92 Dennis Melvin Sr., Basehor
19. (21) 49 Patrick Royalty, Kansas City
20. (15) 38 Matt Pugh, Overland Park
21. (1) 17T Shadren Turner, Saint Joseph, Mo.
22. (12) 44H Trevor Hunt, Kearney, Mo.
23. (17) 11P Jeremy Price, Blue Springs, Mo.
DNS - 15 Ed Noll, Excelsior Springs, Mo.

1. (6) 05 Brett Heeter, Kansas City
2. (1) 37 Justin Seifert, Kansas City
3. (4) 17C Lucas Conley, Spring Hill
4. (8) 417 Kevin Anderson, Kansas City, Mo.
5. (7) 04 Chad Walker, Kansas City
6. (12) 1 Christopher Smith, Kansas City, Mo.
7. (9) 99 Noah Carlson, Kansas City, Mo.
8. (3) 292 Blake Peeler, Trimble, Mo.
9. (5) 33H Trevor Hunt, Kearney, Mo.
10. (13) 34 Rick Sparks, Kansas City
11. (2) 41K Vernon Kever, Kansas City, Mo.
12. (10) 46 David Holcomb, Kansas City
13. (11) 26 Russ Moyer, Wellsville

1. (2) 70 Aaron Marrant, Orrick, Mo.
2. (5) 66T Tyler Schmidt, Easton
3. (6) 87 Darron Fuqua, Mayetta
4. (10) 73B Shad Badder, Bates City, Mo.
5. (1) 59 Jared Stiens, Maryville, Mo.
6. (7) 1K Tim Karrick, Basehor
7. (3) 21T Lance Town, Wellsville
8. (14) 9D8 Paden Phillips, Chanute
9. (4) 3J Lewis Jackson, Wellsville
10. (8) 34 Mark Schafman, Edwardsville
11. (18) 13H Eric Hanna, Maryville, Mo.
12. (17) 3 Bubba Harvey Jr., Kansas City
13. (11) 29S Jeff Smith, Kansas City, Mo.
14. (15) 23 Adam Kates, Tonganoxie
15. (9) 8X Chad Thomsen, Louisburg
16. (12) 66M Max Grogan, Basehor
17. (13) 2D Dean Bachner, Kolather
18. (16) 28 Jerry Liston Jr., Kansas City
19. (19) 5S William Swarnes, Rich Hill, Mo.
DNS - 68 Kerry Davis, Parkville, Mo.