Davis, Clancy, Heeter, Ryun, Newton winners Friday night at Lakeside Speedway

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June 3, 2016

Last year’s points champ in the USRA Modifieds and current points leader in the division, Kerry Davis, has been off the pace the last couple of weeks. That’s if you can say finishing in the top 5 and battling for the win is off the pace!

This week Davis returned to form as the USRA Modified Feature rode a wave of excitement all the way to the finish.

At the start of the feature it was Matt Dotson taking the top spot, but it would be a tight 3 car battle at the top spot. Davis and Darron Fuqua were right with Dotson every inch of the way. Davis and Dotson would even swap the top spot back and forth before Davis eventually raced his way to the front.

Davis would open up a lead over Dotson and Fuqua as the leaders encountered lapped traffic. Davis masterfully worked his way through the cars until a late race yellow flew on the speedway.

Dotson and Fuqua would, once again, have a shot at taking down Davis.

On the restart Davis would maintain the lead as Dotson and Fuqua would battle each other. This allowed Davis to motor away to another victory on the season and maintain his current points lead.

Fuqua won the war for 2nd over Dotson, who finished 3rd, 4th went to Nic Bidinger and Shad Badder came home in 5th.

In the USRA B Mod Feature excitement was the best word to describe it!

Steven Clancy, yes Steven not Chad, stormed out to the early lead in the feature. Clancy, running a B Mod full time in 2016, was on his A game. Lap after lap he stayed on the high side and hit his marks while maintaining the lead.

Behind the leader there were good battles being fought all over the speedway.

Trevor Hunt, Brad Smith, Ed Noll, Heath Murry and Luke Nieman were just a few of the racers looking to make their way to the front.

Up front it was all Steven Clancy. That was until the yellow flags started to fly.

A late race yellow set up a good run to the finish.

Clancy would take the lead once again, but this time Hunt and Smith were both on his back bumper. The excitement showed up when the leader, Clancy, smacked the wall in turns 1 and 2 with a couple of laps to go!

All eyes were on the top spot as Smith was able to mount a charge. Clancy’s superior handling and choice of line might have been a bad choice as he slide slapped the wall a couple of times while racing to the finish.

Even with his handling issues, Clancy would fend off Smith and the rest of the racers for his 1st win of the season.

Smith finished 2nd, Luke Nieman would hustle by Hunt and take away 3rd at the stripe and Noll would win a late race battle with Tim Powell to finish in the 5th spot.

Domination is one word that sums up the USRA Stock Car A Main.

Brett Heeter, last year’s track champion and current points leader, shot to the lead on an early restart in the feature Friday night.

At the front of the pack he put his foot to the gas and his stock car on the high line and extended his lead lap after lap. The competition didn’t have an answer for Heeter as he maintained his big lead.

As most fans know, the complexion of a race can change in the blink of an eye with a yellow flag! The yellow came out and forced a green, white, checkered. It also took away the big lead that Heeter established.

On the restart Kevin Anderson and Trevor Hunt were hoping to keep pace with Heeter. It didn’t happen.

Heeter would open up another advantage over the field on the restart and held on for the win.

Anderson finished in the 2nd spot, 3rd went to a hard charging Hunt, 4th went to Nate Barnes and Chad Walker rounded out the top 5 in 5th.

There was another dominating performance on Friday night at Lakeside in the Factory Stock Feature.

Jason Ryun has been running head and shoulders above the competition on 2016. Ryun has multiple feature wins on the season and currently leads the Factory Stock Points battle.

On Friday night Ryun blasted to the front of the field on the opening lap and ran away with another win on the season.

One of the best battles on the speedway happened for 2nd place. Kerry Ayers and Marshall Jewett battled back and forth all the way to the finish before Ayers took the runner up spot. Jewett would finish a close 3rd.

Oliver Harris took home the 4th position and Kevin Pike finished 5th.

The Grand National Feature was another duel between last year’s champ, Tim Shields, and Nick Newton.

Shields got the drop on the competition at the start of the race and took off with the lead. He would hold the lead until he got a little too high in turns 1 and 2. It caused him to smack the wall. From the impact he would sustain some damage to his hot rod.

Nick Newton used this to his advantage as he would take over the lead on a restart.

From the front of the pack Newton would have to fend off a strong challenge from Shields. Even though Sheild’s damage was evident, he still kept his foot in the gas.

As the two came to the white flag Newton had a slim lead but would hang on for the victory.

Shields would finish 2nd, Don Marrs would race his way to a 3rd place finish, 4th would go to Donnie Brown and Marshall Jewett finished in 5th.

Factory Stock – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 5 27C Jason Ryun Kansas City, Mo 100.00
2 8 99A Kerry Ayres Kansas City, Mo 95.00
3 7 7 Marshall Jewett Gardner , Ks 91.00
4 4 79 Oliver Harris Tonganoxie , Ks 87.00
5 3 610 Kevin Pike Edgerton , Mo 84.00
6 6 50JR Leroy Morrison Raymore , Mo 81.00
7 1 185 J.r. Billings Kansas City, Ks 78.00
8 2 27 Aiden Lueth Kansas City, Mo 76.00

Grand National – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 5 711 Nick Newton Kansas City, Ks 100.00
2 4 42T Tim Shields Kansas City, Mo 95.00
3 2 9 Don Marrs Shawnee , Ks 91.00
4 7 26 Donnie Brown Lancaster , Ks 87.00
5 6 3E Marshall Jewett Gardner , Ks 84.00
6 1 4R Raven Justice Kansas City, Ks 81.00
7 3 69R Steven Dibben Smithville , Mo 78.00

B Mods – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 12C Steve Clancy Odessa , Mo 100.00
2 8 99 Brad Smith Belton , Mo 95.00
3 6 181 Luke Nieman Nortonville , Ks 91.00
4 5 44H Trevor Hunt Kearney , Mo 87.00
5 3 15 Ed Noll Excelsior Springs, Mo 84.00
6 10 57 Tim Powell Lansing , Ks 81.00
7 14 17J Jake Richards Edwardsville , Ks 78.00
8 7 42 Gene Claxton Kansas City, Mo 76.00
9 11 211 Tim Eaton St. Joseph, Mo 74.00
10 1 7M Heath Murry Tonganoxie , Ks 72.00
11 12 22M Steve Mcdowell Independence , Mo 70.00
12 20 38 Matt Pugh Overland Park, Ks 68.00
13 13 5 Terry Bivins Lebo , Ks 66.00
14 15 20J Jayden Bears Smithville , Mo 64.00
15 4 0 Chase Galvan Bonner Springs, Ks 62.00
16 19 49 Patrick Royalty Kansas City, Ks 60.00
17 21 17 Dean Galvan Bonner Springs, Ks 58.00
18 17 16 Blake Pierce Kansas Cirty, Mo 56.00
19 22 9 Don Marrs Shawnee , Ks 55.00
20 16 64K Monty Cook St. Joe, Mo 54.00
21 23 32 Shelby Manthe Lenexa , Ks 53.00
22 24 81 Jacob Blair Parkville , Mo 52.00
23 18 222 Colten Stevens Basehor , Ks 51.00
24 9 20T Mike Tanner Kansas City, Mo 50.00

Stock Car – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 5 05 Brett Heeter Kansas City, Ks 100.00
2 3 417 Kevin Anderson Kansas City, Mo 95.00
3 7 33H Trevor Hunt Kearney , Mo 91.00
4 2 29 Nate Barnes Kearney , Mo 87.00
5 8 04 Chad Walker Kansas City, Ks 84.00
6 9 105 Clint Hedge Bonner Springs, Ks 81.00
7 11 12 Scotty Moore Kansas City, Ks 78.00
8 1 5K Steve Herrick Topeka , Ks 76.00
9 6 28D Gary Donaldson , Mo 74.00
10 13 41K Vernon Kever Kansas City, Mo 72.00
11 14 34 Rick Sparks Kansas City, Ks 70.00
12 15 37 Justin Seifert Kansas City, Ks 68.00
13 4 17C Lucas Conley Spring Hill, Ks 66.00
14 10 99 Jeremiah Ray Overland Park, Ks 64.00
15 12 56 Joe Smith Jr. Kansas City, Ks 45.00 DNS

Modifieds – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 6 68 Kerry Davis Parkville , Mo 100.00
2 3 87 Darron Fuqua Mayetta , Ks 95.00
3 2 88D Matt Dotson Hallsville , Mo 91.00
4 5 3B Nic Bidinger Perry , Ks 87.00
5 4 73B Shad Badder Bates City, Mo 84.00
6 7 34 Mark Schafman Edwardsville , Ks 81.00
7 1 59 Jared Stiens Maryville , Mo 78.00
8 14 66T Tyler Schmidt Easton , Ks 76.00
9 8 70 Aaron Marrant Orrick , Mo 74.00
10 12 21T Lance Town Wellsville , Ks 72.00
11 9 39 Luke Driskell Stilwell , Ks 70.00
12 11 1K Tim Karrick Basehor , Ks 68.00
13 15 51 Joe Walker Harrisonville , Mo 66.00
14 10 3 Larry “bubba” Harvey, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 64.00
15 17 13H Eric Hanna Maryville , Mo 62.00
16 22 92P Jim Peeler Milan , Mo 60.00
17 19 175 Jason Park Kansas City, Ks 58.00
18 13 89 Daniel Wosoba El Dorado, Mo 56.00
19 18 5 Kevin Mcginnis Edwardsville , Ks 55.00
20 20 29S Jeff Smith Kansas City, Mo 54.00
21 16 66M Max Grogan Basehor , Ks 53.00
22 21 28 Jerry Liston Jr Kansas City, Ks 52.00