Race Night Notes: Joe Berry B-Mod Showdown ready to rock n roll

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September 30, 2015

The ULMA Late Models rolled through Lakeside Speedway last Friday night. Now, this Friday night, October 2nd, Lakeside Speedway will host the inaugural Joe Berry B-Mod Showdown. The event will pay the winner of the USRA B-Mod feature $1,500. Not only will it pay extra money to the winner it will also pay extra cash throughout the field. The fine folks at Lakeside Speedway continue to give back to the racers and fans with more than anyone ever expected. The action will be hot and heavy when the green flag drops at 7:30 p.m.

The regular weekly racing series classes will once again dominate another weekly show at Lakeside Speedway. The USRA Modifieds, USRA Stock Cars, USRA B Mods and Grand Nationals will strap in 1 more time before Championship Night next Friday night.

Last Week’s Recap…
After being off a week due to Mother Nature, the racers of Lakeside Speedway got back to business as usual last Friday night. A total of 102 racers checked in to battle it out. Tim Karrick got passed Darron Fuqua and held on to win his 4th Feature of the season. Brett Heeter cemented his superior season with win #9 on the year in the USRA Stock Car division. It was Eddie Schwope scooting by Andy Bryant in the final corner to pick up the win in the USRA B Mod Feature. Donnie Brown knew it would only be a matter of time before he would end up in victory lane and last Friday night was his night in the Grand National class.

Setting Up This Week’s Races…

USRA Modifieds…

Tim Karrick was on a roll last Friday night. Karrick knocked down win #4 on the season, but he did with a solid performance. Karrick started 6th on the grid and drove to the win. Another win just might help Karrick in the USRA National Points.

A brake problem in the feature didn’t keep Darron Fuqua from giving it his all to run down Karrick in the feature. Fuqua struggled with his breaks all night and then lost them in the feature. He fought all the way to the bitter end and came up just short.

Kerry Davis is close to gaining the elusive Lakeside Speedway Track Championship. Davis is no stranger to championships and he has won championships before at Lakeside Speedway, in the Grand National division. Last week Davis through together another top 5 finish in 3rd. Davis also made a jump in the USRA National Points up to 12th.

Karrick and Fuqua are also in the top 15 in points in the USRA National Points.

A couple of Hard Chargers were found in the feature of 25 cars that started the A Main. Tyler Schmidt went from 17th to 9th, Jeff Smith started 24th and finished 11th and Micky Burrell went from 23rd to 13th. Several drivers could be seen moving through the field.

A total of 25 cars started the feature last week.

67 is the number of different drivers that have raced at Lakeside Speedway in 2015, with 2 race nights left that number should get bigger.

11 is the number of different feature winners that have driven to victory lane in 2015.

USRA Modified Driver To Watch This Week…

Robbie Reed. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Robbie Reed. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Robbie Reed #5R, Mexico, MO.

Robbie Reed is an unknown commodity at Lakeside Speedway. Last week he showed up looking to see what he could do and quickly became someone to be concerned with. Reed has made a name outside the area racing Modifieds and winning races. It almost looked like he was going to show up at Lakeside and get the job done, unfortunately it wouldn’t work out for Reed that way. He did learn a few things about the track and he will have a few changes in store for this week. Keep an eye on this racer from Mexico, MO. We think he might just have something for the competition.

USRA Modified Top 10 In Points
Pos Driver Car # City, State Points Behind
1 Kerry Davis 68 PARKVILLE MO 1964 Leader
2 Tim Karrick 1K BASEHOR KS 1858 -106
3 Nic Bidinger 3B PERRY KS 1701 -263
4 Lewis Jackson 3J Wellsville KS 1457 -507
5 Lance Town 21T WELLSVILLE KS 1423 -541
6 Darron Fuqua 87 MAYETTA KS 1413 -551
7 Jeff Smith 29S KANSAS CITY MO 1165 -799
8 Mark Schafman 34 EDWARDSVILLE KS 1100 -864
9 Eric Hanna 13H MARYVILLE MO 1090 -874
10 Larry Harvey, Jr. 3 KANSAS CITY KS 1066 -898

2015 Modified Feature Winners;
Kerry Davis (7), Nic Bidinger (2), Lance Town, Tim Setzer, Terry Phillips, Josh Everhart, Tim Karrick (4), Darron Fuqua (2), Aaron Marrant, Rodney Sanders, Matt Dotson

USRA Stock Cars…

The Champ is here! Brett Heeter has made a very strong statement this season and last week’s win proves this thought. Heeter has 9 wins on the year and he is in the points lead with a 344 point cushion. Mathematically he has won it all and his 3 peat is an impressive stat. As there is 2 races left he could reach double digit wins also on the year.

Kevin Anderson could have been the champ this year, but things didn’t play out the way Anderson might have wanted them too. Last week he showed that he can keep pace with Heeter night after night. Another 2nd place finish moved him up to 6th in the point standings even though he missed a few weeks early in the season.

Last week’s ‘Hard Charger’ in the Stock Car Feature was Jeff Elder. Elder started the feature in 23rd and raced his way up to a 13th place finish.

Former Grand National Champion, Gary Donaldson, is getting more comfortable in the Stock Car ranks. Last week Donaldson put together another top 5 finish coming home in 4th.

The USRA Stock Car National Standings saw Brett Heeter jump all the way 3rd in the standings.

A total of 26 cars rolled out for the feature last Friday night.

Some new faces came out to race at Lakeside Speedway last Friday night and the total of different drivers that have raced this season is 53.

Only 6 different drivers have won features this season in the USRA Stock Car division.

USRA Stock Car Driver To Watch This Week…

Gene Stigall. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Gene Stigall. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Gene Stigall #xx20, Winston, MO.

Lakeside Speedway is filled with veteran racers. In the USRA Stock Car division there is a strong veteran, Gene Stigall. Stigall will race anytime, anywhere and you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be somewhere near the front of the pack. Stigall has had some good runs this season at Lakeside but he just can’t get over the hump. It’s tough when you look at the season the top 2 drivers Brett Heeter and Kevin Anderson are having. Keep an eye on Stigall this week. I think that he has something left in the tank. The Nationals are just around the corner and what a better time to get hot!

USRA Stock Car Top 10 In Points
Pos Driver Car # City, State Points Behind
1 Brett Heeter 05 KANSAS CITY KS 1984 Leader
2 Bobby Tavis III 0T LEAVENWORTH KS 1640 -344
3 Tom Fogarty T2 OLATHE KS 1605 -379
4 Jeff Elder 97J SMITHVILLE MO 1557 -427
5 Nate Barnes 29 KEARNEY MO 1468 -516
6 Kevin Anderson 417 KANSAS CITY MO 1385 -599
7 Steve Herrick 5K Topeka KS 1301 -683
8 Chad Walker 04 Kansas City KS 1206 -778
9 Jim Powell Jr. 20P Lecoompton KS 1067 -917
10 Kevin McGinnis 17 KANSAS CITY KS 1005 -979

2015 Stock Car Feature Winners;
Brett Heeter (9), Kevin Anderson (8), Clint Hedge, Steven Jackson, Jason Ryun, John O’Neal Jr.(2)

USRA B-Mods…

You have to run all the way to the finish! Last week Andy Bryant, 2nd in the USRA B-Mod National Standings, looked like he was going to get the win. That was until he got to the final corner. A lapped car slowed Bryant enough that he had to get on the binders and that allowed Eddie Schwope to shoot in and take the win.

Only 6 drivers in this class have multiple feature wins. Schwope joined this select club last Friday night when he picked up win #2.

Ed Noll still leads the points in the division with 2 races left.

The ‘Hard Charger’ award last week in the class goes to Doug Keller. Keller started 17th and finished 6th.

45 B-Mods checked in last week and with $1500 to win and $110 to start, expect 45 or more racers to show up for this week’s Joe Berry B Mod Showdown.

11 different drivers have raced to wins in this division during the 2015 season.

The USRA B-Mods have had the highest number of different competitors racing in 2015 with 88 different drivers.

USRA B-Mod Driver To Watch This Week…

Colten Stevens. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Colten Stevens. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Colten Stevens #222, Basehor, KS.

After a bit of a break Colten Stevens was ready to go last week at Lakeside. It was a tough night but Stevens looked solid bringing home a 3rd place finish. Stevens is a young up and comer in the division. Each year he gets better and better and this season he has improved from the start of the season to now. This weekend will put a lot of pressure on all the drivers as $1500 is on the line. Will Stevens improve on his run from last week? If he does he might just pick up the $1500! Keep an eye on Stevens this weekend.

USRA B-Mods Top 10 In Points
Pos Driver Car # City, State Points Behind
1 Ed Noll 15 Excelsior Springs MO 1829 Leader
2 Luke Nieman 181 NORTONVILLE KS 1781 -48
3 Gene Claxton 42 KANSAS CITY MO 1724 -105
4 Shadren Turner 17T SAINT JOSEPH MO 1676 -153
5 Sam Schuler, Jr. 44 KANSAS CITY KS 1588 -241
6 Matt Pugh 38 OVERLAND PARK KS 1425 -404
7 Patrick Royalty 49 KANSAS CITY KS 1244 -585
8 Stephen Blake Sr 13 Shawnee KS 1212 -617
9 Eddie Schwope 91 St. Joseph MO 1198 -631
10 Terry Bivins 53B,5B Lebo KS 1190 -639

2015 USRA B-Mod Feature Winners;
Ed Noll (4), Brad Smith (3), Randal Schiffelbein Jr.(2), Chad Clancy (3), Andy Bryant, Shadren Turner, Luke Nieman, Gene Claxton, Chase Austin (3), Eddie Schwope (2), Nick Newton

Grand Nationals…

Donnie Brown’s run to the win last week was a stout performance. Once the green flag dropped, Brown ran away with the win. He was not challenged the entire way.

The points leader, Tim Shields, took the night off from the Grand Nationals last week and raced in the B Mod division.

Nick Newton was another driver that took the night off to concentrate on the B Mod division.

5 different winners have now picked up win in the Grand National division.

Grand National Driver To Watch This Week…

Steve Dibben. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Steve Dibben. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Steven Dibben #69, Smithville, MO.

The Grand National division added another new winner last week, but it was the driver that finished runner-up that we want you to keep an eye on this Friday night, Steven Dibben. Dibben has a win to his credit this season. He raced his way to a 2nd place finish, but it looked like his car was getting faster as the night went on. Something tells us that Dibben might be just as fast again this week. This makes him the driver to watch in the division.

Grand National Top 10 In Points
Pos Driver Car # City, State Points Behind
1 Tim Shields 42T KANSAS CITY MO 1801 Leader
2 Donnie Brown 26 LANCASTER KS 1655 -146
3 Marshall Jewett 3E GARDNER KS 1649 -152
4 Dave Powell 2 KEARNEY MO 1588 -213
5 Don Marrs 9 SHAWNEE KS 1424 -377
6 Nick Newton 711 KANSAS CITY KS 1304 -497
7 Nick Drew 15 KANSAS CITY KS 1076 -725
8 Steven Dibben 69 SMITHVILLE MO 874 -927
9 Houston Johnson 7,97 KANSAS CITY MO 434 -1367
10 James Glackin 60 KANSAS CITY KS 170 -1631

2015 Grand National Feature Winners
Tim Shields (12), Nick Newton (3), Don Marrs, Steven Dibben, Donnie Brown

Race Night 411…

The spectator gates will open up at 5 p.m., hot laps will be at 6:45 p.m. and the first race goes green at 7:30 p.m.

DRIVERS TAKE NOTE!!! There is no regular-season registration fee in any class. USRA B-Mod drivers that have raced twice or more at Lakeside this season have a $25 entry fee, while those that have raced just one time or not at all in 2015 will have a $50 entry fee. Drivers that do not have a USRA license can purchase a USRA Temporary License for just $10.

Even though it’s another special night at Lakeside Speedway, fans won’t see extra money tacked on to the front gate. Adult tickets are $12, kids 7 to 12 are $6, children 6 and under are FREE and military personnel, students and seniors get in for $10 with proper I.D.

For more information on Lakeside Speedway visit them on the world wide web at www.LakesideSpeedway.net, find them on Facebook at Lakeside Speedway or follow Lakeside on Twitter at Follow Lakeside Speedway on Twitter @Lakeside_Spdwy.

Lakeside Speedway is a 4/10-mile semi-banked dirt oval located 1.0 mile west of I-435 (exit 18) on SR 5 (northwest of Kansas City, Kan.). For more information call the track office at 913-299-9206, Don & Donna Marrs at 913-888-0539or Pete Howey at 913-752-7154.