Dotson banks $1,500 in Tom Karrick Memorial

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September 12, 2015

The racers and fans joined at Lakeside Speedway to honor a great racer from the past, Tom Karrick.

A large sum of $1,500 awaited the winner of the USRA Modified Feature.

As the excitement built for the big event Tim Karrick and Kevin Blackburn brought the field to the green flag.

Blackburn would hold a slim lead over Karrick for the 1st lap, but Karrick would overtake Blackburn for the lead at the end of lap 2.

Terry Schultz, Kerry Davis, Nic Bidinger and Matt Dotson were battling it out to get to Karrick at the front. At lap 10 of the race Karrick would have some company at the front of the field.

Davis had moved past Schultz to take over 2nd, Dotson moved to 3rd behind Davis and Schultz went back to 4th. The battle was on at this point.

Dotson, who started in the 8th position, decided on lap 10 that he had better try something different. He moved his line up on the race track and it was the correct adjustment. Dotson would go by Davis coming out of turn 4 and then would overhaul Karrick in turn 1.

One Dotson was at the point he checked out on the rest of the competition. Sprinting to a $1500 pay day, Dotson picked up his 1st win of the season at Lakeside Speedway. In doing so Dotson becomes the 11th different feature winner on the season in the division.

Davis, the points leader, got by Karrick to take home 2nd, 3rd would be Schultz, Karrick held on to finish 4th and rounding out the top 5 was Darron Fuqua.

Win #8 for Brett Heeter. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Win #8 for Brett Heeter. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It was just a week ago that Kevin Anderson raced his way to win #8 on the season in the USRA Stock Cars. The win broke a tie that he and the points leader, Brett Heeter, shared in overall wins for 2015. Friday night’s event gave Heeter another chance to tie Anderson or it would give Anderson a chance to build on his win total.

Brett Heeter would start from the pole position in the main event, but it wouldn’t be an easy sprint to the winner’s circle.

Between the first 4 cars starting the A Main there was a total of 17 wins this season between those drivers.

John O’Neal Jr. and Anderson were right behind Heeter ready to apply pressure throughout the night.

Anderson would take the lead from Heeter after an early yellow. Heeter would keep pace as O’Neal and Jake Newman battled for 3rd.

Heeter and O’Neal would go side by side for a few laps as they chased down Anderson at the front. It was an entertaining battle for the fans in attendance. Heeter would fall back to 4th before the next yellow fell on the speedway.

Just after another restart on lap 10 the trio of Anderson, O’Neal and Heeter met up at the front once again. This time it was a 3 wide exit out of turn 2 where Heeter would thread the needled through the middle and exited with the lead. O’Neal tried to keep pace with Heeter but would lose control of his hot rod in turn 4 and spin around.

On the restart Heeter had to move up to the high side and it was the right move for him on the night too. The momentum allowed Heeter to roll passed Anderson. Heeter would hang on to the top spot as Anderson began to fade late in the race.

Late in the race Chad Walker and Newman would put some pressure on Heeter, but it wouldn’t work as Heeter raced his way to win #8 on the season. It, again, puts him in a tie with Anderson for the most wins on the season and it also helps him pad his points lead.

Walker, who started 8th, finished a strong 2nd, 3rd went Jake Newman after starting 9th, Bobby Tavis finished 4th and Steve Herrick came home 5th after being sent to the rear earlier in the night for a yellow.

Nick Newton's 1st win on the night. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Nick Newton’s 1st win on the night. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The Grand National Feature another repeat winner was standing in victory lane at the end of the night and it wasn’t Tim Shields.

Nick Newton, a 2x feature winner on the season, jumped out to the early lead in the feature. It would be a lead he wouldn’t relinquish all night long. Newton would heat all of his marks and never bobble for the 12 lap main event as he would take home the win.

Tim Shields, who had to start at the back of the pack in the feature, roared up to finish 2nd, Donnie Brown maintained a solid run all night coming home in 3rd, 4th went to Don Marrs and Marshall Jewett racked up another top 5 finish in 5th.

Nick Newton 3x3 battles Luke Nieman #181 in the final turn. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Nick Newton 3×3 battles Luke Nieman #181 in the final turn. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Newton wouldn’t be done on the night as he raced in the USRA B Mod division too. Starting from the pole position in the main event, Newton would have a good shot at getting his 1st double win night.

At the start of the A Main Newton would jump out to the lead over Terry Bivins and Gene Claxton.

A couple of cars back Luke Nieman moved up to the high side and started to make his way to the front of the field. Nieman would work his way into a battle with Claxton and would win that battle as he moved into 2nd looking to chase down Newton.

Andy Bryant, the USRA National B Mod points leader, also came to battle with Claxton and the others at the front of the field.

Coming to lap number 10 the fans got what they were wanting, a great race. Nieman had worked his way to Newton and made his way into the lead. Newton wouldn’t go away as he would race Nieman side by side down the stretch. It would be a barn burner the final 5 laps.

On the final lap a lapped car would get in the way on the final turn. The two would hustle down the back stretch side by side with Nieman having a slight advantage over Newton. Into the middle of the turn the momentum swung in Newton’s favor as he slid up and took away Nieman’s line. It was all Newton would need to pick up his 2nd feature win of the evening. The first driver to pull off this feat in 2015.

Newton’s win would be his 1st of the season in the B Mods and he becomes the 11th different winner in the class.

Gene Claxton finished a close 3rd behind the leaders, the hard charger of the night was Shadren Turner who started 18th and finished 4th and Bryant held on for a 5th place finish.

The action at Lakeside Speedway continues next Friday night, Sept. 18, with an added bonus! The ULMA Late Models will be joining the Grand Nationals, USRA Stock Cars, USRA B Mods and USRA Modifieds! It will be a show that you won’t want to miss.

Grand National – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 711 Nick Newton Kansas City, Ks 100.00
2 7 42T Tim Shields Kansas City, Mo 95.00
3 1 26 Donnie Brown Lancaster , Ks 91.00
4 6 9 Don Marrs Shawnee , Ks 87.00
5 4 3E Marshall Jewett Gardner , Ks 84.00
6 2 15 Nick Drew Kansas City, Ks 81.00
7 5 2 Dave Powell Kearney , Mo 78.00

B Mods – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 3X3 Nick Newton Kansas City, Ks 100.00
2 4 181 Luke Nieman Nortonville , Ks 95.00
3 6 42 Gene Claxton Kansas City, Mo 91.00
4 18 17T Shadren Turner Saint Joseph, Mo 87.00
5 8 28 Andy Bryant Fort Scott, Ks 84.00
6 5 22 Dustin Crist St Joseph, Mo 81.00
7 7 15 Ed Noll Excelsior Springs, Mo 78.00
8 14 44 Sam Schuler, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 76.00
9 2 5B Terry Bivins Lebo , Ks 74.00
10 3 38 Matt Pugh Overland Park, Ks 72.00
11 10 49 Patrick Royalty Kansas City, Ks 70.00
12 15 0 Chase Galvan Bonner Springs, Ks 68.00
13 12 17 Dean Galvan Bonner Springs, Ks 66.00
14 9 17K Jayse Clinton Dearborn , Mo 64.00
15 16 17R Ramon Ortega St Joseph, Mo 62.00
16 20 24W Tony Manley , Mo 60.00
17 11 7X Lance Lincoln Topeka , Ks 58.00
18 13 23C Mandy Chick De Soto, Ks 56.00
19 21 13 Stephen Blake Sr Shawnee , Ks 55.00
20 23 55 Bronson Combs Shawnee , Ks 54.00
21 17 27B Jarret Beach Tonganoxie , Ks 53.00
22 19 27 David Oxford Kansas City, Mo 52.00
23 22 75 Robert Isabell Iii Bonnor Springs, Ks 45.00 DNS

Stock Car – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 05 Brett Heeter Kansas City, Ks 100.00
2 8 04 Chad Walker Kansas City, Ks 95.00
3 9 222 Jake Newman Kansas City, Mo 91.00
4 3 0T Bobby Tavis Iii Leavenworth , Ks 87.00
5 15 5K Steve Herrick Topeka , Ks 84.00
6 18 T2 Tom Fogarty Olathe , Ks 81.00
7 6 97J Jeff Elder Smithville , Mo 78.00
8 10 7 Marshall Jewett Gardner , Ks 76.00
9 17 56 Joe Smith Jr. Kansas City, Ks 74.00
10 5 29 Nate Barnes Kearney , Mo 72.00
11 11 56K Nicholas Smith Kansas City, Ks 70.00
12 4 417 Kevin Anderson Kansas City, Mo 68.00
13 12 26 Russ Moyer Wellsville , Ks 66.00
14 20 50JR Leroy Morrison Raymore , Mo 64.00
15 13 8 Dean Hensler Weatherby Lake, Mo 62.00
16 7 41K Vernon Kever Kansas City, Mo 60.00
17 2 15 John O’neal, Jr. Kearney , Mo 58.00
18 16 17 Kevin Mcginnis Kansas City, Ks 56.00
19 14 27 Aiden Lueth Kansas City, Mo 55.00
20 19 53W Larry Waters Kansas City, Ks 45.00 DNS

Modifieds – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 8 88D Matt Dotson Hallsville , Mo 100.00
2 6 68 Kerry Davis Parkville , Mo 95.00
3 4 90 Terry Schultz Sedalia , Mo 91.00
4 1 1K Tim Karrick Basehor , Ks 87.00
5 11 87 Darron Fuqua Mayetta , Ks 84.00
6 5 3B Nic Bidinger Perry , Ks 81.00
7 12 21T Lance Town Wellsville , Ks 78.00
8 9 8S Jon Sheets Nevada , Mo 76.00
9 2 26K Kevin Blackburn Fulton , Mo 74.00
10 3 16T Eric Turner Hermitage , Mo 72.00
11 7 96 Jeremy Chambers Parsons , Ks 70.00
12 13 78 Derrick Hicks Ravenwood , Mo 68.00
13 16 3 Larry “bubba” Harvey, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 66.00
14 15 13H Eric Hanna Maryville , Mo 64.00
15 14 14B Darren Bennett Tonganoxie , Ks 62.00
16 19 53 John Baker Basehor , Ks 60.00
17 17 66M Max Grogan Basehor , Ks 58.00
18 18 5 Kevin Mcginnis Edwardsville , Ks 56.00
19 10 3J Lewis Jackson Wellsville , Ks 55.00
20 20 29S Jeff Smith Kansas City, Mo 54.00