Bidinger blasts to win; Heeter, Austin, Newton also winners at Lakeside Speedway

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August 14, 2015

An exciting feature event shaped up in the USRA Modified division Friday night at Lakeside Speedway.

Four cars battled at the front of this main event in the early part of the feature. Nic Bidinger, last year’s champ, got to the front first with Kerry Davis, Darron Fuqua and Aaron Marrant all giving chase.

Bidinger looked like he regained his form of a year ago as he held on to the top spot as Davis applied some pressure.

Marrant would bring out the first yellow of the night as mechanical problems would plague him after the good start.

The restart would see Bidinger, Davis and Fuqua slice and dice it up at the front of the pack. Lance Town had also worked his way into the mix at the top!

Bidinger would stay out in front while Fuquak, Davis and Town all traded spots behind him. It’s exactly what Bidinger wanted to see. The 3 contenders were knocking each other out giving Bidinger a free run at the top spot.

The track was smooth and dry slick from top to bottom. Both Bidinger and Fuqua found a home running on the extreme high side of the track. Inches away from imminent danger lap after lap. One false move could end their night.

The top 2 drivers would separate from the rest of the competition as they set up the battle to the finish. Lapped traffic would help Fuqua mount a serious challenge for the lead.

While working through lapped traffic Fuqua would get by Bidinger but he would lose his grip and slid up into the turn 2 wall. This bobble would push Bidinger right back by Fuqua. Instead of being a showdown to the stripe, Bidinger would pull away for win #2 on the season.

Bidinger couldn’t have picked a better night to regain his swagger as the USMTS comes to town next week.

Fuqua would come home 2nd, 3rd would go to Davis, the points leader, Town finished in the 4th spot and Tim Karrick would round out the top 5.

Win #2 for Chase Austin. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Win #2 for Chase Austin. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It was just one week ago that Chase Austin notched his 1st win at Lakeside Speedway in the USRA B Mods. Could he do it again?

The start of the race might have been an indicator for the answer to that question. Austin blasted to the lead and drove away from the field in the first 3 laps of the main event. A yellow would erase the lead and bunch the field up once again.

Austin would show that it was no fluke when the green flag waved he took back out to the lead. Austin, would again, extend the lead until the yellow would fly once more.

Eddie Schwope would apply some token pressure on the restart, but Austin was just to tough on this night.

Win #2 would come easier than it did one week ago. Austin maintained a solid lead all the way to the checkers.

It was a great battle from 2nd on back in the main event. The points leader, Ed Noll, showed his strength again as he drove to a 2nd place finish, Andy Bryant would drive from 7th to finish 3rd, 4th was Schwope and Shad Turner finished in the 5th position.

Brett Heeter does it again in the Stock Cars. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Brett Heeter does it again in the Stock Cars. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Dean Hensler got the early jump on the field in the USRA Stock Car Feature.

Hensler would hang on to the top spot for a few laps, but Brett Heeter, the points leader, was currently running him down and setting up his opportunity to take the top spot.

As the two came out of turn four Heeter put on the power move and drove by Hensler on the high side and took the lead.

A yellow would erase any advantage Heeter put up, but once the green flag came out again it was Heeter to the point. Hensler would apply some pressure but Heeter would meet the challenge and run away with his 6th win of the season.

Hensler would finish in the 2nd spot, Bobby Tavis III would race his way to a 3rd place finish, it was an awesome battle from 4th thru 10th as you could have thrown a blanket over them! In the end 4th would go to Marshall Jewett and Brent Alverson finished out the top 5 in 5th.

Nic Newton also gets win #2 on the season. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Nic Newton also gets win #2 on the season. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

For the first few laps of the Grand National Feature it would be Don Marrs and Nick Newton battling at the front of the field.

Marrs would gain the upper hand and take to the lead. Not only would he take the lead but Marrs, a former feature winner, began to extend the lead lap after lap. It appeared if win #2 was on the horizon.

On lap 7 Marrs’ lead and dreams for win #2 came crashing down out of turn number 2. Marrs would drift high out of turn number 2 and brush up against the wall. The move would drop Marrs back to 4th as he gathered himself on the back straight.

Newton, another former feature winner, blasted to the lead.

For the final 8 laps of the feature it was all Newton. He maintained a nice lead all the way to his 2nd win of the season. After several runner-up finishes a win was in order.

Donnie Brown had a good battle all night long with the points leader, Tim Shields. Brown would edge Shields at the stripe and take 2nd, Shields finished 3rd, 4th went to Marshall Jewett and Steven Dibben, last week’s winner was 5th.

The action at Lakeside Speedway will be at an all time high next Friday night, Aug. 21st at the USMTS invades Lakeside Speedway.

Grand National – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 711 Nick Newton Kansas City, Ks 100.00
2 4 26 Donnie Brown Lancaster , Ks 95.00
3 3 42T Tim Shields Kansas City, Mo 91.00
4 6 3E Marshall Jewett Gardner , Ks 87.00
5 5 69 Steven Dibben Smithville , Mo 84.00
6 2 9 Don Marrs Shawnee , Ks 81.00
7 7 2 Dave Powell Kearney , Mo 78.00

B Mods – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 111 Chase Austin Eudora , Ks 100.00
2 4 15 Ed Noll Excelsior Springs, Mo 95.00
3 7 28 Andy Bryant Fort Scott, Ks 91.00
4 6 91 Eddie Schwope St. Joseph, Mo 87.00
5 5 17T Shadren Turner Saint Joseph, Mo 84.00
6 3 181 Luke Nieman Nortonville , Ks 81.00
7 17 42 Gene Claxton Kansas City, Mo 78.00
8 11 2 Dustin Gilbert Lawrence , Ks 76.00
9 10 44 Sam Schuler, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 74.00
10 15 R63 Riley Whitworth Humboldt , Ks 72.00
11 22 0 Chase Galvan Bonner Springs, Ks 70.00
12 2 7X Lance Lincoln Topeka , Ks 68.00
13 27 7 Mike Higley Kansas City, Mo 66.00
14 9 1D Dj De Motte Basehor , Ks 64.00
15 24 38 Matt Pugh Overland Park, Ks 62.00
16 14 9 Don Marrs Shawnee , Ks 60.00
17 21 49 Patrick Royalty Kansas City, Ks 58.00
18 25 17K Jayse Clinton Dearborn , Mo 56.00
19 12 13 Stephen Blake Sr Shawnee , Ks 55.00
20 23 81K Dakota Kessler Savannah , Mo 54.00
21 18 23C Mandy Chick De Soto, Ks 53.00
22 16 50JR Leroy Morrison Raymore , Mo 52.00
23 26 3K Scott Henney Kansas City, Ks 51.00
24 13 22 Dustin Crist St Joseph, Mo 50.00
25 19 27 David Oxford Kansas City, Mo 50.00
26 20 222 Colten Stevens Basehor , Ks 50.00
27 8 5B Terry Bivins Lebo , Ks 50.00

Stock Car – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 05 Brett Heeter Kansas City, Ks 100.00
2 1 8 Dean Hensler Weatherby Lake, Mo 95.00
3 2 0T Bobby Tavis Iii Leavenworth , Ks 91.00
4 4 7 Marshall Jewett Gardner , Ks 87.00
5 8 22A Brent Alverson Oskaloosa , Ks 84.00
6 16 28D Gary Donaldson , Mo 81.00
7 10 72A Jason Park Kansas City, Ks 78.00
8 7 1 Christopher Smith Kansas City, Mo 76.00
9 12 5K Steve Herrick Topeka , Ks 74.00
10 13 17 Kevin Mcginnis Kansas City, Ks 72.00
11 15 34S Richard Sparks Kansas City, Ks 70.00
12 5 97J Jeff Elder Smithville , Mo 68.00
13 6 T2 Tom Fogarty Olathe , Ks 66.00
14 9 222 Jake Newman Kansas City, Mo 45.00 DNS
15 11 15 John O’neal, Jr. Kearney , Mo 45.00 DNS
16 14 04 Chad Walker Kansas City, Ks 45.00 DNS

Modifieds – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 3B Nic Bidinger Perry , Ks 100.00
2 4 87 Darron Fuqua Mayetta , Ks 95.00
3 1 68 Kerry Davis Parkville , Mo 91.00
4 7 21T Lance Town Wellsville , Ks 87.00
5 5 1K Tim Karrick Basehor , Ks 84.00
6 8 7J Justin Johnson Gardner , Ks 81.00
7 10 3J Lewis Jackson Wellsville , Ks 78.00
8 12 3 Larry “bubba” Harvey, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 76.00
9 6 13H Eric Hanna Maryville , Mo 74.00
10 9 66M Max Grogan Basehor , Ks 72.00
11 13 29S Jeff Smith Kansas City, Mo 70.00
12 11 5 Kevin Mcginnis Edwardsville , Ks 68.00
13 3 70 Aaron Marrant Orrick , Mo 66.00