Race Night Notes 4: Double Dip This Weekend at Lakeside

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April 23, 2015

Week number 4 at Lakeside Speedway offers race fans a double dip of action this weekend. Friday night April 24 the regular weekly racing series takes center stage, but Sunday night it’s a special for the ages; the Weld Spring Classic featuring the stars of the USAC Amsoil Sprint Car National Championship.

Friday night will have the USRA Modifieds, USRA Stock Cars, USRA B-Mods & Grand Nationals as the main performers and on Sunday night it will be the USAC Sprint Cars and USRA Stock Cars providing a full night’s entertainment.

Sunday’s races will see the pit gate open at 3 pm, spectator gate will open at 4 pm, drivers meeting is at 5:30 p.m. and the first green flag drops at 7:30 pm! GA 10 and under Free! 11 and up is $25.00, Suite Tickets are $35.00 per person. Call Donna for tickets 913.888.0539 or the Lakeside Speedway Office 913.299.9206! You will want to make sure you are at the track Sunday for this great racing experience.

Last Week’s Recap…
For the second straight week Mother Nature gave the racers at Lakeside Speedway another curve ball. A late rain shower about an hour before hot laps put down a lot of moisture on the track.

The track took a little extra time to get worked in but, by the time for features, it came in really nice. It was a track that favored horse power and a determination to stand on the throttle without letting up!

One racer, Tim Shields, is undefeated on the season after last week in the Grand National division. Shields has lined up for 3 week straight in the main event and mowed down the competition. Last week he started from the front row and wired the field in his 3rd win of the season. Lance Town used a little lapped traffic to work his way by Tim Setzer to take the win in the USRA Modified Feature. In the USRA Stock Car division, Kevin Anderson flexed his muscle by winning for the 2nd straight week. Brad Smith won the USRA B Mod after starting 12th in the main event.

USRA Modified Preview…
Congrats to Lance Town for winning his 1st A Main at Lakeside Speedway. Town took the win in the USRA Modified Feature last week.

So far on the season, Town has raced 2 out of the 3 nights, opening night he came away with an 11th place finish. Last week’s result showed that Town is a contender to win and he still has room to improve from week to week.

Tim Setzer gets ‘Hard Luck’ award from last week. Setzer looked to be going to victory lane by the end of the night but found himself getting into the back of a lapped car. The contact caused a problem that would be evident with 4 laps to go as he would brush the wall in turns 3 and 4 bringing out the yellow.

There was a change at the top spot in the points and in the early going it’s a tight race. Darron Fuqua came in with the points lead after the first 2 races, but a 4th place finish would drop him from the top spot by 1 point. Kerry Davis took over the top spot with his 3rd place finish on the night. There is a long way to go, but it’s nice to pay attention from time to time.

Last week Tim Karrick celebrated his best finish at Lakeside Speedway in 2015 by coming home in the runner-up spot. Karrick is looking to get back into victory lane at Lakeside Speedway. Since returning to dirt back in 2000, Karrick holds the record for the most Modified wins and as competitive as Karrick is, after not getting there in awhile, he is certainly chomping at the bit to get another win to his credit.

Nic Bidinger is seeing the ups and downs of racing in the first 3 weeks of the season. Opening night mechanical issues relegated him to an abnormal finish, he rebounded for the win in week 2 and last week he had to run the feature in Mark Hoover’s car as mechanical issues plagued him again. It looks as if Nic is looking to get his bad luck portion of 2015 over with in the early part of the season.

USRA Modified Driver To Watch This Week…
Tim Karrick #1K Basehor, KS.
Karrick has won more races than any other Modified driver since Lakeside Speedway returned to dirt, Karrick has won 4 championships since 2000 and Karrick has won just about every big time race that Lakeside Speedway has had to offer. Last week’s runner-up finish should tell folks that Tim Karrick is alive and well. The competition, the equipment and the times change. Tim Karrick has been racing for decades and he knows all of this too well. It’s what’s made him one of the best drivers to have raced in this area. Watch this week and see if he comes back towards the front of the field.

2015 USRA Modified Feature Winners…
Kerry Davis, Parkville, MO, Nic Bidinger, Perry, KS, Lance Town, Gardner, KS

USRA Modified Top 10 In Points
Pos Driver Car # City, State Points Behind
1 Kerry Davis 68 PARKVILLE MO 278 Leader
2 Darron Fuqua 87 MAYETTA KS 277 -1
3 Tim Karrick 1K BASEHOR KS 260 -18
4 Nic Bidiinger 3B PERRY KS 234 -44
5 Lewis Jackson 3J Wellsville KS 229 -49
– Mark Schafman 34 EDWARDSVILLE KS 229 -49
7 Tyler Schmidt 66T EASTON KS 210 -68
8 Austin Johnson 98 KANSAS CITY MO 204 -74
9 Danny Barker 96 KANSAS CITY KS 202 -76
10 Eric Hanna 13H MARYVILLE MO 194 -84

USRA Stock Car Preview…
The USRA Stock Car Feature provided some more excitement last week. Kevin Anderson drove to his 2nd straight win at Lakeside Speedway in the division. An impressive feat considering all the competition that this class has to offer.

Three Wheelin around Lakeside Speedway Anderson made it work to his advantage. He tracked down John O’Neal Jr. and would get by for the win. After missing opening night the two straight wins pushed Anderson into the top 10 in the point standings.

John O’Neal Jr. gave a valiant effort last week and came up just short. O’Neal lost a power plant the week before and had to borrow one last week. It must have been a good loaner. O’Neal led a few laps before having a great battle with Jim Powell Jr. take the 2nd spot in a drag race to the finish.

Speaking of Jim Powell Jr.! He has been steadily improving each week. Powell has finished 6th, 5th and 3rd in each of the first 3 USRA Stock Car Features. Could a win be in the cards soon? Time will tell.

The early season points leader remains to be Brett Heeter. Heeter, your defending USRA Stock Car Champ, knows how to win titles and he continues to land in the top 5 week after week. Throw in a couple of victories with a lot of top 5’s and no DNF’s, you got a championship.

The ‘Hard Charger’ from last week’s race had to be Nate Barnes. Barnes started 12th on the feature and wound up in the 4th spot. After struggling in week #1, Barnes as got his new XFactor working in the right direction.

USRA Stock Car Driver To Watch This Week…
Jim Powell Jr. #20P Lecompton, KS.
Jim Powell Jr. has been a Stock Car racer for quite some time. He is one of the best in the area and he is starting to make Lakeside Speedway his home. As most people that have followed Powell’s career know that he is capable of winning both races and championships. This season he has started out with 3 good runs, will this be the week that he gets over the hump and knocks down the door? It just as well might. If you look at his 3 finishes on the season each week he is improving. If this trend follows it might put him in victory lane.

2015 USRA Stock Car Feature Winners…
Brett Heeter, KCK, Kevin Anderson, KC, MO (2)

USRA Stock Car Top 10 In Points
Pos Driver Car # City, State Points Behind
1 Brett Heeter 05 KANSAS CITY KS 275 Leader
2 Jim Powell Jr. 20P Lecoompton KS 256 -19
3 Nick Whalen 00 KANSAS CITY KS 248 -27
4 Joe Smith Jr. 56 KANSAS CITY KS 245 -30
5 Thomas Roberts 65X KIDDER MO 237 -38
6 Sean Foster 55 SMITHVILLE MO 235 -40
7 Tom Fogarty T2 OLATHE KS 210 -65
– Bobby Tavis III 0T LEAVENWORTH KS 210 -65
9 Nate Barnes 29 KEARNEY MO 209 -66
10 Kevin Anderson 417 KANSAS CITY MO 200 -75

USRA B Mod Preview…
Holy cow! Brad Smith was on the move last week.

Smith picked up the win in just his 2nd night of the season at Lakeside Speedway and he did it by starting in the 12th spot. Smith took no time in working his way into the top 5 and after a restart on lap 7, Smith worked his way around the leader, Gene Claxton, and checked out on the field. The question this week will be can he keep that pace up?

Great movement was evident in this class last week. Several drivers started deep in the field only to work their way to the front. Smith went from 12th to 1st, Eddie Schwope drove from 8th to 2nd, last year’s National Champ, Chad Clancy, went from 10th to 4th, Dustin Gilbert raced from 19th to 6th, Sam Shuler finished 10th after starting 20th and Curtis Berry, in his first time racing at Lakeside, went from dead last (24th) to 11th! There was a lot of passing going on in this feature.

After winning the first 2 B Mod Features of the season, Ed Noll had an off night. Ed had to run the B Feature and the A Main last Friday night. Noll would start 22nd in the feature and would finish 12th. The old saying goes, ‘you can’t win them all!’ but you sure want to. Improving by the end of the evening should have had Noll happy.

The early season points race in this division is a tight one. A total of 8 points is the difference between the top 4 drivers (Schwope, Noll, Shadren Tuner and Claxton).

Last week Lakeside Speedway had to host their first B Feature of the season. Thirty one B Mods showed up to compete last week, it marked the largest turnout for a single class in 2015, so far.

USRA B Mod Driver To Watch This Week…
Terry Bivins #53 Lebo, KS.
What can you say about this veteran driver? A lot! He has raced everything from your weekly short tracks (dirt and asphalt) and he has even competed on the highest level of stock car racing, NASCAR. This character is a fun guy to talk to and a fun guy to watch race. Last week wasn’t a strong week for Bivins as he missed out on making the A Main event. This is the reason that we are making him our driver to watch this week. Bivins will not like the fact that he didn’t make the A Main last week and it will make him drive 10x as hard this week. Keep an eye on the orange #53, you might be surprised.

2015 USRA B Mod Feature Winners…
Ed Noll, Excelsior Springs, MO. (2), Brad Smith, Belton, MO.

USRA B-Mod Top 10 In Points B Mods
Pos Driver Car # City, State Points Behind
1 Eddie Schwope 91 St. Joseph MO 266 Leader
2 Ed Noll 15 Excelsior Springs MO 264 -2
3 Shadren Turner 17T SAINT JOSEPH MO 259 -7
4 Gene Claxton 42 KANSAS CITY MO 258 -8
5 Chad Clancy 21C SMITHVILLE MO 246 -20
6 Tim Powell 57 LANSING KS 235 -31
7 Sam Schuler, Jr. 44 KANSAS CITY KS 212 -54
8 Colten Stevens 222 BASEHOR KS 208 -58
9 Luke Nieman 181 NORTONVILLE KS 206 -60
10 Dustin Gilbert 2 Lawrence KS 202 -64

Grand National Preview…
Tim Shields is one tough competitor.

Last week Shields started on the front row and wired the field on the way to the win. How will he respond this week? Or should the question be how will the competition respond?

Don’t for a minute think that this field of racers is going to lay down for Shields week after week. They are racers. Each one of them will go to the shop and start to figure out what they have to do to catch Shields.

It might take a little time but you will have to remember luck for a driver can always change to. Just as Shields is running out in front of this class, drivers know that things can change in an instant. Shields is definitely doing his home work as well. He has to figure out week after week what he needs to do to stay in front of the competition.

Grand National Driver To Watch This Week…
Steven Dibben #69 Smithville, MO
This week’s driver to watch is the driver that has gotten the closest to knocking Tim Shields out of victory lane. Dibben is a longtime racer in the Grand National division. Not only is he a longtime racer, but he has won his fair share of Grand National races too. Last week wasn’t his best performance and knowing Mr. Dibben it stands to reason that he is working extra hard this week to come back out and have a solid showing. Not only do I expect him to have a solid showing, it could be possible that you might see the #69 in victory lane!

2015 Grand National Feature Winners…
Tim Shields, Kansas City (3)

Grand National Top 10 In Points
Pos Driver Car # City, State Points Behind
1 Tim Shields 42T KANSAS CITY MO 329 Leader
2 Donnie Brown 26 LANCASTER KS 293 -36
3 Don Marrs 9 SHAWNEE KS 284 -45
4 Marshall Jewett 3E GARDNER KS 275 -54
5 Dave Powell 2 KEARNEY MO 257 -72
6 Houston Johnson 7,97 KANSAS CITY MO 247 -82
7 Steven Dibben 69 SMITHVILLE MO 194 -135
8 Nick Newton 711 KANSAS CITY KS 140 -189
9 Eddie Ingram 54 Basehor KS 103 -226
10 Nick Drew 15 KANSAS CITY KS 52 -277

Race Night 411…
The spectator gates will open up at 5 p.m., hot laps will be at 6:45 p.m. and the first race goes green at 7:30 p.m.

Adult tickets are $12, kids 7 to 12 are $6, children under 6 are FREE and military personnel, students and seniors get in for $10 with proper I.D.

For more information on Lakeside Speedway visit them on the world wide web at www.LakesideSpeedway.net, find them on Facebook at Lakeside Speedway or follow Lakeside on Twitter at Follow Lakeside Speedway on Twitter @Lakeside_Spdwy.

Lakeside Speedway is a 4/10-mile semi-banked dirt oval located 1.0 mile west of I-435 (exit 18) on SR 5 (northwest of Kansas City, Kan.). For more information call the track office at 913-299-9206, Don & Donna Marrs at 913-888-0539 (track info) or Pete Howey at 309-360-6123 (technical).