Simmons emerges on “Old Timers Night” at Lakeside Speedway

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August 1, 2014  |  by Bob Libbey

It was only fitting that on “Old Timers” Night at Lakeside Speedway the Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers were first to try to tame the half mile of dirt. Hot racing action upfront would see the #J2 of Jack Simmons emerge victorious coming from a ninth row inside starting spot. Simmons would have to pass the fast Jimmy Winkler #22 in the late stages to claim the checkers. Winkler would settle for second place, holding off the hard charge of heat race winner Keith Simmons #5 who would place third. Chris Heitman #39 would pass one time race leader Matt Marrant #69 to finish fourth, leaving Marrant fifth. Other heat race winner was Jim Clevenger #66.

Next to take to the track was the always entertaining Grand National class where the familiar face of Tim Shields #42t would again be the top contender in the feature, leading every lap on his way to claiming the night’s top spot. Houston Johnson #97 would challenge Shields, using the low line to no avail, placing second. Gary Donaldson #28d would be the big mover of the feature by racing his way through the pack on his way to place a very solid third. Donnie Brown #26 and Marshall Jewett #6 would race side by side for several laps only to settle during the last laps with Brown fourth and Jewett fifth. Heat race winners were Austin Johnson #98 and Don Marrs #9.

Up next were the USRA B-Mods in their feature event of the evening. USRA National Point Leader Chad Clancy #21c continues his winning ways by picking up the nights feature win. Following Clancy to the checkers would see a nip and tuck battle between Ed Noll #15, who would place second, and Yancy Shepard #20y, finishing third. With a torn up race car, coming from the back of the pack, #11jr of Randal Schiffelbein Jr would impress all in attendance with his aggressive fourth place finish. Luke Nieman #181 would be among the leaders early only to fade in the later stages to finish fifth. Heat race winners included Chad Clancy #21c, Ed Noll #15, Doug Keller #77, and Luke Nieman #181.

As usual the USRA Stock Cars would put on an edge of the seat, nail biting, race to the finish with Brett Heeter #05 narrowly beating John O’Neal Jr #33 to the line by mere inches. Heeter would come from deep in the pack, running down O’Neal for the win, leaving the #33 to place second. Early race leader Kevin Anderson #417 would fade slightly to finish third, with Marshall Jewett #7 fourth. Gene Stigall #XX would again show a solid performance by rounding out the top five. Heat race winners were Marshall Jewett #7, John O’Neal Jr #33, and Kevin Anderson #417.

In a caution free feature the USRA Modifieds would witness current point leader Nic Bidinger #3b lead every lap on his way to McCarthy Auto Group Winner’s Circle. Bidinger was never really challeneged as racing action behind him would see the #66t of Tyler Schmidt place second. Kerry Davis #68 would mount a gallant effort only to come up a little short and fade late to place third. Jared Steins #59 was the big mover of the race by using the high line to finish fourth, moving Chad Lyle #296 to the fifth position. Heat race winners were Nic Bidinger #3b and Tim Karrick #1k.

Lakeside Speedway would like to thank the racers of old for coming out to watch some great racing action and taking part in the Intermission activities. See everyone again next week for more great “Racing by the River”.

See You There!

Race Results for Lakeside Speedway 8/01/2014

Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers:

1. J2 Jack Simmons

2. 22 Jimmy Winkler

3. 5 Keith Simmons (Heat Race Winner)

4. 39 Chris Heitman

5. 69 Matt Marrant

6. 7f Dennis Fair

7. 53 Andy Wells

8. 66 Jim Clevenger (Heat Race Winner)

9. 7 Bryan Strong

10. 64 BJ Page

11. 750 Steve Hughes

12. 711 Jim Snedeger

13. 51 Bobby Ruff

14. 35 Dean Ayers

15. 7t Thomas Sisco

Grand Nationals:

1. 42t Tim Shields

2. 97 Houston Johnson

3. 28d Gary Donaldson

4. 26 Donnie Brown

5. 6 Marshall Jewett

6. 11t Mike Taylor Jr

7. 9 Don Marrs (Heat Race Winner)

8. 22 Chris Littrell

9. 52 Jim Baker

10. 69 Steven Dibben

11. 15 Nick Drew

12. 29 Dennis Melvin Sr

13. 98 Austin Johnson (Heat Race Winner)

14. 5 Jim Adkins


1. 21c Chad Clancy (Heat Race Winner)

2. 15 Ed Noll (Heat Race Winner)

3. 20y Yancy Shepard

4. 11jr Randal Schiffelbein Jr

5. 181 Luke Nieman (Heat Race Winner)

6. 11c Chad Feather

7. 43 Jeff Miles

8. 1 J. Genail

9. 38 Matt Pugh

10. 66 Matt Grogan

11. 20j Jayden Bears

12. 27 David Oxford

13. 21v Vic Tranckino

14. 42 Gene Claxton

15. 77 Doug Keller (Heat Race Winner)

16. 222 Colten Stevens

17. 17t Shadren Turner

18. 17 Dean Galvan

19. 13 Stephen Blake Sr

20. 9 Don Marrs

21. 17g Tim Galvan

22. 2 Dustin Gilbert

23. 247 Sean Shehan

24. 29 Nate Barnes

25. 75 Robert Isabell III

USRA Stock Cars:

1. 05 Brett Heeter

2. 33 John O’Neal Jr (Heat Race Winner)

3. 417 Kevin Anderson (Heat Race Winner)

4. 7 Marshall Jewett (Heat Race Winner)

5. XX Gene Stigall

6. 26L Anthony Whitham

7. 54 Eddie Ingram

8. 55 Sean Foster

9. 56 Joe Smith Jr

10. 30g Tony Barnhart

11. 97j Jeff Elder

12. 37 Justin Seifert

13. 53w Larry Waters

14. 41k Vernon Kever

15. 19 Jay Barnes

16. 6 Hank Thompson

17. 28 Paul Carter

18. 56k Nicholas Smith

19. 34s Richard Sparks

USRA Modified:

1. 3B Nic Bidinger (Heat Race Winner)

2. 66t Tyler Schmidt

3. 68 Kerry Davis

4. 59 Jared Steins

5. 296 Chad Lyle

6. 1k Tim Karrick (Heat Race Winner)

7. 8 Mark Hoover

8. 01 Kirby Steins

9. Y9 Aaron Marrant

10. 90 Terry Schultz

11. 39 Luke Driskell

12. 8t Terry Bruner

13. 88 Donnie Burlington Jr

14. 28 Jerry Liston Jr

15. 96 Danny Barker

16. 17k Kevin McGinnis

17. 34 Mark Schafman rakes.