By: Rick and Allen Staley

             Grand Nationals were first to take to the half mile of dirt as the racing action was fast and furious throughout the pack.  Tim Shields #42t would pick up victory number six in this young 2014 racing season.  Gary Donaldson #28d, after picking up the best looking car award in the Grand National class, would race his way to a solid second place but could not overtake Shields.  Austin Johnson #98 would use the high side to hold off the charging Jim Baker #52.  Johnson would place third for the evening with Baker being forced to settle for fourth.  Jim Adkins #5 would round out the top five.  Heat race winners were Tim Shields #42t and Don Marrs #9.

            USRA B-Mods were next and never disappoint those in attendance with an exciting feature event.  Chad Clancy #21c would race Tim Powell #57 side by side, switching the lead back and forth as Clancy would emerge victorious.  Powell would continue to use the low side and would slip to third in the later stages of the race, as Yancy Shepard #20y would slip by to claim second.  Fourth place would see #7j of Jake Richards hold off the high side charge of #99 Brad Smith, who would place fifth.  Heat race winners included Tim Powell #57, Jake Richards #7j, and Luke Nieman #181.  The best looking car award went to Mike Higley #11.

            USRA Stock Cars would see a first time 2014 winner as John O’Neal Jr. #33 would find victory lane.  O’Neal would pass the #417 of Kevin Anderson early and never look back, leaving Anderson to place second.  Anderson, after picking up the best looking car award in the stock class, would hold off Joe Smith Jr. #56 and Marshall Jewett #7 as they would place third and fourth respectively.  Sean Foster #55, after starting on the pole, would fade in the later stages to finish fifth.  Heat race winners were John O’Neal Jr. #33, Joe Smith Jr. #56, and Kevin Anderson #417.

            USRA Modifieds were last to take to the track as current point leader Nic Bidinger #3b would use the low line to claim the night’s top spot.  Hard charger of the race had to be the #99h of Trevor Hunt as he would challenge Bidinger early only to come up just short placing second.  Pole sitter Tim Karrick #1k would fade late to place third as best looking car award winner Kerry Davis #68 would finish fourth.  Kirby Steins #01, coming from a last row starting spot, would race his way to a solid fifth place finish.  Heat race winners were Trevor Hunt #99h, Nic Bidinger #3b, and Terry Schultz #90. 

Grand National:

1.      42t  Tim Shields

2.      28d  Gary Donaldson

3.      98  Austin Johnson

4.      52  Jim Baker

5.      5  Jim Adkins

6.      9  Don Marrs

7.      15  Nick Drew

8.      711 Bill Ruisinger

9.      6  Marshall Jewett

10.  97  Houston Johnson

11.  26  Donnie Brown

12.  60  James Glackin


1.      21c  Chad Clancy

2.      20y  Yancy Shepard

3.      57  Tim Powell

4.      7j  Jake Richards

5.      99  Brad Smith

6.      181  Luke Neiman

7.      17t  Shadren Turner

8.      11c  Chad Feather

9.      42  Gene Claxton

10.  15  Ed Noll

11.  01  Jacob Hobscheidt

12.  9  Don Marrs

13.  44  Sam Schuler Jr.

14.  17  Dean Galvan

15.  13  Steven Blake Sr.

16.  66  Max Grogan

17.  11jr  Randall Schiffelbein Jr.

18.  16  David Pierce

19.  14k  Kameron Grindstaff

20.  2  Dustin Gilbert

21.  4  Chad Walker

USRA Stock Car:

1.      33  John O’Neal Jr.

2.      417  Kevin Anderson

3.      56  Joe Smith Jr.

4.      7  Marshall Jewett

5.      55  Sean Foster

6.      05  Brett Heeter

7.      54  Eddie Ingram

8.      26L  Anthony Whitham

9.      8  Dean Hensler

10.  41k  Vernon Kever

11.  53w  Larry Waters

12.  97j  Jeff Elder

13.  56k  Nicholas Smith

14.  5a  Kerry Ayres

15.  37  Justin Seifert

16.  65x  Thomas Roberts

17.  00 Nick Whalen

18.  4  A.J. Wood

19.  0t  Bobby Tavis III

20.  6  Hank Thompson

21.  34s  Richard Sparks

22.  77  Dean Wray

USRA Modified:

1.      3b  Nic Bidinger

2.      99h  Trevor Hunt

3.      1k  Tim Karrick

4.      68  Kerry Davis

5.      01  Kirby Steins

6.      90  Terry Schultz

7.      59  Jared Steins

8.      34  Mark Schafman

9.      96  Danny Barker

10.  5r  Dillon Rowland

11.  87  Darron Fuqua

12.  78  Derrick Hicks

13.  17k  Kevin McGinnis

14.  7j  Justin Johnson

15.  29s  Jeff Smith

16.  8  Mark Hoover

17.  28  Jerry Liston Jr.

18.  8t  Terry Bruner

19.  3  Larry “Bubba” Harvey

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