I-35 and Lakeside Speedways have posted the 2015 Grand National rules.   There are a few changes to the rules, all engine options can be rebuilt and/or tore down for inspection.   This includes the crate motors.   Additionally a new engine option, the 360 spec motor, has been added to the class for those drivers who desire to race with a four barrel carburetor.  Finally, weight has been added to the crate motor cars and reduced on racecars using the 360 spec motor or the Standard 2 barrel option.  Please visit www.lakesidespeedway.net or www.i-35speedway.net to view or print your copy of the 2015 Grand National rules.




The tech staff at both tracks anxiously await the publishing of the 2015 USRA rules.  The A Mods, B Mods, and Stock Cars at both tracks will continue to be USRA.

Work is continuing with a goal to publish by the end of the month the E Mod and Hobby Stock rules for I-35 Speedway.  The Hobby Stocks will not be sanctioned in 2015.

Border War Returns in 2014

Five years ago, track management at Lakeside Speedway, located in Kansas City Kansas, and I-35 Speedway, located in Winston, Missouri, agreed to a Border War for the Grand National and Stock Car classes.  That Border War was finish in the Top 3 in a feature event at one track then compete and finish in the Top 3 at the other track the next race night and earn bonus money.  This was the beginning of tracks working together to promote each other and benefit the racer in the process.  The Border War was suspended during the 2013 racing season as each track operated with different sanctioning rules.
Since I-35 Speedway and Lakeside Speedway will be operating under the same sanction, USRA, and the same rules, the Border War returns with a slightly different format and the addition of two more classes.  The USRA Modifieds and the USRA B-Mods will be included in the Border War, along with the Grand Nationals and the USRA Stock Cars.
The Border War pay format is also changing.  The new format pays an additional $75 to the highest finishing competitor, $50 to the second highest finishing competitor, and $25 to the third highest finishing competitor who raced the previous race at the sister track.  The Border War bonus is in addition to the to the driver’s regular purse and will be paid each night.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our drivers, pit crews, media, and race fans! For more information about Lakeside Speedway visit our official website at www.lakesidespeedway.net or for I-35 Speedway visit www.i-35speedway.net.